Dear Reader,

Thank you all for your feedback, support and for following us into our very first anniversary issue! Well, it’s been an incredible journey for us, to say the least, as I sit back and reflect about the inception of this tabloid and the invaluable contribution from some very special individuals.

As I pondered over my dream of coming up with an English tabloid, I was fortunate to have Arupa moving into the city. The school day camaraderie kicked off in no time, as we started giving shape to what was at that time, an obscure vision. The wide gap between concept and execution was staring right at us. I cannot thank her enough for rendering the much-needed lucidity to my dream as we started combating one challenge at a time, some as basic as funding, identifying an office space, handpicking the team, researching on sections and topics etc. etc. Arindam and Sourav also came on board and were very much a part of the inception team.

The encouragement and guidance that we received from our mentor, Bula uncle (Mr. P.K Ray) was just the shot in the arm that we were looking for and he was also kind enough to allow us to set shop at his picturesque abode! Neeti aunty (Mrs. Neeti Ray) and Joshi uncle (Mr. S.K. Joshi) also formed, a much welcome support system that we are so fortunate to have. How can I forget the encouragement and support of our spouses, Sambit & Vaishali who have not just borne the brunt of our schedules but also contributed through their ideas & invaluable inputs

Chotu bhai (Mr. Upagupt Mohanty) was the first photographer and writer who came on board and it commenced a process where several writers and columnists infused myriad thoughts and beliefs into the segments that we introduced. Being rank outsiders in this field, we also garnered help from Honey apa, Subhojit and our google baba, Aditya. We encouraged our young and vibrant team to discover new facets about themselves and pieced together a happy working unit! We are ever so thankful to our expert panel menbers: Mrs. Asha Mohapatra, Mrs. Gargi Bhattacharya, Mr. Manoranjan Mahapatra, Mr. Matrudatta Mishra, Mrs. Mala Mishra, Mrs. Poly Patnaik, Mrs. Revati Pany, Mr. Shrikand Parida and Mrs. Tarina Sen. They have been a silent pillar of strength from time to time, encouraged and motivated us through out.

Approaching our first set of sponsors, covering the first event, jointly burning the midnight oil to edit the minutest of flaws, conveying our concepts to our designer, printing, distribution etc. was all such an immense learning experience and a super exciting one. Our focus today, switches back to the euphoria around our first issue and I sincerely feel we have managed to sustain the excitement level and I hope it is evident through our issues. Going forward, we would love to enhance the experience of our readers and our endeavours would revolve around it.

In case I’m going overboard with introspection, please bear with me, since Coffee Bytes is very close to Arupa and my heart and I wanted to pay a tribute to one and all who have made this possible. Well, I must confess that I had originally thought of lacing this write up with humour, but I just couldn’t help getting nostalgic. Cheers to team Coffee Bytes, our esteemed readers and the spirit of Odisha that defines us!

Thank you all once again.Happy reading.

Rudra Narayan Samantaray








My initiation into the professional sphere had been via Coffee Bytes having done my very first internship here. All my apprehension was uncalled for as the office atmosphere is such that I was immediately put to ease, especially because of Arupa Ma’am, being the jovial person that she is. When it comes to the job at hand, the only thing that I was asked for strictly was to provide a “properly edited work with no grammatical errors.” The best part about my internship was the freedom that was provided to me to go about my work the way I want to, provided I was able to meet the deadlines. Having been a taciturn person for the longest of time, the internship provided me with a platform where I was to speak to various people from different walks of life and that helped me a lot to hone my communication skills and boost my level of confidence which in turn helped me to grow as a person. I would like to conclude by saying that this learning experience was a perfect blend of excitement and a sense of duty for me and something that I will carry with me for the longest of times.


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