Budding Concern Towards Upholding Mental Resilience


Teenage and the early years of growing up is a time  when many changes take place in life after one leaves the secure envelope of our homes to face the challenges of the outside world. Either  for pursuing higher studies or taking a long distance job opportunity or even entering into a relationship and so on, it’s elating for some and just the opposite for others leading to anxiety, panic pangs and apprehensions. If the feeling is a passé then its natural but if it prevails a little longer then these feelings might pave way for mental health problems.

Furthermore today’s youth also have to live around conflicts, natural disasters, distractions, substance abuse which makes them predominantly open to mental distress and illness. On top of it everyone is a fan of the growing use of internet and telephone apps that are a biggest barrier to talk for real. The world observes 10th October as Mental Health Day which clearly indicates the magnitude of this concern and its repercussions on the life of an individual if the condition goes unnoticed and with no rectification.

Every person has a different method to cope up with the stress and untoward incidents in life. If the person has the strength and will power, s/he can move ahead faster and leave bygones behind, but it’s not the same case for all. “Leaving home can be both exciting and stressful, exciting because you are on your own and stressful as you have to fend for yourself. I was thrilled to bits when was told to shift to Bangalore for my first posting. After the initial euphoria died down the balance between work and home took its toll. Late nights, erratic lifestyle, junk food and the loneliness started playing on me both physically and mentally to the extent of depression. The mere thought of going to an empty house made me sit in office, working late. Fortunately my cousin helped me get out of this mental pain. After a lot of determination somehow I bounced back and took a transfer near home. The issue seems very inane but the aftermath is disastrous. Believe me, it takes every ounce of will power, change in lifestyle and a diligent schedule to come out of depression,” shared Kalpana Sethy (name changed).

Sometimes an incident turns life upward down shifting the track to some other direction, like Sanchit’s friend. “Mental illness just happens and you cannot control it. My best friend was rejected by the girl he proposed. We tried to dissuade him from doing so but as you know, love, or shall we say temporary infatuation at its peak, has power over during that phase. After he realized that she was in a relationship he followed them everywhere like a sleuth and after every trip, he became morose and violent. He stopped going to college, started drinking and lost his zeal to live. Ultimately his parents had to take him home and cure him. Today the girl is in her 4th relationship but my friend just could not get over her. After graduation he joined his father’s business and even today avoids girls,” revealed Sanchit Mohanty an engineering student.

Swastika Mohapatra, who is a teacher by profession but an active child counselor, blames the cyber technology for increase in mental health problems. “Children have easy access to internet and with both parents working the children get addicted easily to watching sites that create an adverse affect on their minds in a vulnerable stage without anybody to restrict them. Another reason is excessive competition and peer as well as parental pressure to win the rat race. This hits children in their tender age to the extent that they start contemplating suicide. With the addiction to whatsapp and other social media there is hardly any communication among the family members. It’s very important for adults especially the parents to know what is happening in their children’s life and speak to them. Communication resolves matter and stops mental imbalance which is extremely important for children to cope with the hectic life.

Dr Sanjay Pany, Asst Prof S.C.B Medical College, Cuttack, Dept of Psychiatry shared some vital information on mental health. He said,” Mental well being is very important and that is possible only if a person has peace of mind and less stress and is a result of hazardous life style, erratic schedules, bad habits, depression and excess competitive approach. The most vulnerable period for anyone is on the threshold of adolescence as this phase is very sensitive and the person is undergoing changes both mentally and physically. The age group of 10-25 years is susceptible because they have to face adjustments simultaneously and are reluctant to share their problems easily.”

Talking about healing of people having mental health issues he shared that, “There is no specific line of treatment for people suffering from mental health problems and treatment is customized depending on the gravity of the problem, social situation in addition to personality of the person. More than treatment a fitting alteration in lifestyle, some physical activity or practicing yoga helps to keep mental illness at bay. On the other hand alcohol, smoking and substance consumption create a bad impact on the mental psyche of people addicted to it.”

“Mental disability and mental health issues are separate issues and so is its line of treatment. The number is escalating day by day because of the work pressure and internet addiction. There is increase in competitiveness and the youth cannot cope up with the demanding life. Another major reason of mental tension is matrimony discord. People lack the patience to handle situations and fall prey to stress easily. Today in nuclear families, children are brought up in a very protective manner so they panic fast and cannot make adjustments, which leads to discord later in life. More cases are seen in urban areas for the reason that in the rural areas the stress is less. As far as women are concerned they are more prone to suffer during pregnancy and during menopause but the most vulnerable age for both the sexes is during the adolescent phase”, he summed up.

Not only children but every single person today is undergoing a lot of pressure both on the personal and professional level. It may sound clichéd but we as a society shout from roof tops that we have a modern approach to life but in reality we clamp up if we are undergoing an emotional turbulence in our life. Namita Panda, Psychology professor asserts this and shared, “Usually we talk nineteen to a dozen but if there is disturbance we refuse to seek help. The first fear is about what will others think? If people shed their inhibitions and ask for help the problems will decrease and the rate of suicides, cases of depression and divorces will drop. The counselors maintain complete secrecy and nobody really comes to know about it until one decides to disclose. It’s very important to first accept that you need help and then take help without any qualms. Sometimes only talking with a person you trust helps. Depression can happen to anybody at any time, irrespective of any age group or sex and it’s natural because sometimes the person is unable to cope up with things at that point of time”.

Life is very precious and one cannot get back the time lost, so please learn to love yourself first. Tensions are a part and parcel of our life so don’t let them push you but turn tables and push the woes away. Live Happy! Live Healthy!


I am ME and always will be ME

Surrounded with tension and Stress

A sense of anxiety that cannot understand

So unstable and perplexed in my own turmoil

That I cannot even stand

Feelings of insecurity and work pressure

Sentiments that keep on fluctuating

Hinder all the sincere efforts of help from friends and

 Family who want me to be glad and happening

I want to talk and tell them

That I love them all too much

But unable to communicate as am always

Lost in my own depression, away from their warm touch

But I am also a ME,

Wanting to be alone sometimes

As I am stressed and constantly worried

To be left behind in competition

Sometimes unpredictable

Many times distressed

But I want to stay happy

And spread love and peace

To bounce back stronger

And a happier and positive ME

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