By Azkia Aarif

While the nip in the air could be uncomfortable, there is one perk to the chilly weather- Cozy Winter Fashion. You know what we’re talking about — woolen scarves, furry vests, trendy sweaters, knee-high boots, quilted jackets and elegant coats. Luckily, cozy winter staples we’ve mentioned teams well with everything in your wardrobe and can be easily transitioned from day to night.Bring out all the browns, greys and blacks winters comes sans bright colours. From dark coloured sweaters to brown and black jackets, everything follows 50 shades of grey, and we don’t mean the movie or the book. When everyone’s wearing their black-whitegrey winter uniform, why not shake things up with a dash of colour? Put on a bright pink or red jacket and stand-out or wear a black sweater and accessorize it with a red or purple silk scarf.An oversized coat, feels like a giant blanket wrapped around our bodies, keeps us warm and looks great too. This definitely makes them a definite must-have when the temperature drops..

Accessorizing correctly:

Dressing for winter days is all about figuring out how to stay warm and look fashionable at the same time. Although all you want to do is wrap yourself in sweatshirts and blankets, so it could be a challenge to figure out an outfit that is stylish yet keeps you warm at the same time. Now that winter is here, it’s time to bundle up and get comfortable. This means more layers, more coats, more boots and of course, more winter accessories. One of the main reasons why many of us look forward to winter is because of winter fashion, when we get to wear all our favorite winter accessories like silk scarves, trendy hats, woolen caps, fancy gloves, warm stalkings and boots. Keeping up with the ethnic style quotient winters are also the time when wedding bells ring and you end up attending a lot of wedding parties.If styled correctly, you can jazz up any ethnic apparel with the right winter clothes. For ethnic wear like saris, anarkalis or lehengas, you can use nice short jackets instead of blouses. Floor-length jackets can be worn over kurtas and anarkalis. Sweaters instead of blouses work for saris.

Go fur-tastic: That faux fur-lined jacket which you craved for is perfect for the winters of Odisha. Be it fleece or faux fur, it gives the jacket a whole new dimension, fashion-wise as well as it’s a great addition to the wardrobe. Great for work, brunch or a casual dinner, fur is as comfortable as it is chic. It also works well with the layered look. Before putting on your outerwear, try belting an oversized scarf around your sweater to mix things up. Throw on a pair of boots, grab your sunnies and step out layered up, comfortable and warm..

Layering it right: Apart from quirky accessories, a denim or leather vest or jacket are good layering options during winters. Vests and jackets are the ultimate layering accessories as they protect you from cold and work as final finishing piece on slightly warmer days. Throw it over a sweater to keep your limbs covered. The key here is to keep everything equal. Pair chunkier sweaters with similarly sturdy vests and finer gauge knits with leaner, lightweight ones.

Layer your bottoms too: Don’t just layer your tops, you can wear high socks over tights, and ankle socks over your high socks. You can also wear leg warmers under high boots and over leggings for a warm outfit. Everyone gets stuck in a style rut sometimes, whether it’s wearing the same pair of boots all season or wearing the same black skinny jeans week after week. As we dig into all those cozy sweaters, one question comes to mind: what the heck do we wear them with? The obvious answer would be jeans. That, however, seems a little like the easy way out, and with so many inspirations from the Fall 2017 runways, we want to challenge ourselves to go beyond denim. While we still love our jeans to death – from flared to boyfriend cuts – it is time to step up our game.

Under Overalls: Overalls are practically a staple, you can wear year-round and pairing them with a sweater is the quickest ensemble that’ll get you out the door.

With a Slip Dress: Not yet ready to let go of your dresses? Choose a knit sweater and layer it over your dress for that Fall/ Summer combo.

Add an Accessory: Give your sweater that wow factor by styling them with a pair of statement earrings or a neck piece.

With a Duster Jacket: Style a turtleneck sweater with a gray duster jacket.

With Ankle-Length Jeans: Tuck a chunky sweater into a pair of ankle-length jeans. With Striped Pants: For a ‘70s-inspired look, style your sweater with a pair of striped pants. Summer, spring or winter, every day is a fashion show so go on and walk the ramp!

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