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These days, tu tu mein mein happens to be har ghar ki kahani. Three different individuals under one roof with three different mindsets, the clash of opinions are obvious. Few people accept it openly while others shy away. So, our home wasn’t any different.

“Mom is there anything special to eat, I’m not going out anywhere. It’s hot outside,” says Mumun (my 9 yr old son).  “Would you like to have some water melon slices?” asked Sonali (my wife), lazying on the sofa. “Naah  mom! Dad said you used to participate in food contest where you made excellent ice-cream. I haven’t seen you making it, since I was born, why don’t you make some for me?” the instant reply from the brat with an impish smile.

“Aaah! That was a long time back and now, there are too many things on my plate. No time to make excellent ice creams anymore”, Sonali said to skip the issue. Sitting on the dining table while working  on an article, I said with laughter, “miss one episode of your silly sas-bahu serial and you will have all the time”.  “So Mumun ke papa, you need to help me for your son’s favourite”, she said sarcastically. “Oh no, you know I am busy at work” I replied. “Oh men will be men, after all”, was her instant reply. “Oh! I need space to work as I have deadlines to meet”, I said. With displeasure on her face, she replied, “If you need space, you should shift to NASA headquarter at Washington DC rather than sitting here down on this dining table”. The atmosphere was warming up even I felt as if the AC is not working at its best..hahah.

“Hey! sweetheart”, I said to pacify Sonali’s mood. She replied “I know you are lying!!” “Don’t start up again…Darling… We had promised each other that whoever starts the fight will have to treat the other with ice creams as penalty fee… have you forgotten the resolution on the last fight?” I said it in a calm manner with a smile.

“Be it pouring rain or hot summer, it’s hard to handle father and son indoors” said my wife. “Obviously Mom! It’s tough to handle hot men with cool attitude”, replied Mumun. That was hilarious and unexpected. Three of us bursted into laughter. Sonali continued “Ok, as per penalty fee, I would make something different”.

Time passed by and I was engrossed in my laptop that is when my sweetheart served something magical on the table. The strong aroma of the ripe mangoes took my attention off the laptop towards the delicacy. Though the temptation was strong but it was meant for my son, I didnt  leave my chair, to avoid fresh battles. If a man loves his wife he will never intend to do so…haha!

The aroma of mangoes can’t be ignored in summer. Before I glanced on what the suprise was on the plate, Mumun inquisitively asked “Mom, what is this?” “Its mango kulfi, it has something what you like (frozen dessert) and something what I like (fruits) and its healthy”, replied Sonali. “Mom how did you get the idea of  kulfi?” asked the curious brat. “Kulfi isn’t my idea, Kulfi has a mention in the Ain-i-Akbari, a document recording the administration of Emperor Akbar since it was a popular item prepared in the royal kitchens”, replied Sonali. “Dad you got the right choice… Mom is the best”, said Mumun with a wink. Three of us laughed and enjoyed the conical chill mango delight which simply tasted out of the world.

Sonali’s magical recipe of creamy kulfi loaded with rich mango goodness!!!!


2 cups mango pulp, 4 tablespoon sugar, 100 gms fresh packaged cream such as Amul, 1/2 tablespoon Cardamom (elaichi) powder (optional), 1 tablespoon dry fruits (almonds and pistachio) finely chopped (optional), 2 tablespoon water, 10 kulfi moulds, 10 ice cream sticks.


  • Boil sugar with water to make sugar syrup and leave it to cool for a while.
  • Blend the mango pulp with sugar syrup and fresh cream.
  • Add cardamom powder to the thick mix.
  • Take the kulfi moulds and put few finely chopped dry fruits in each kulfi moulds.
  • With a tablespoon, pour the thick mix into the moulds and put long icecream stick in the middle of it.
  • Refrigerate it for 45 mins.
  • Take out the mould, wash the frozen mould in water for few seconds and unmould the kulfi with a fork or pull the ice cream stick softly.
  • Serve it immediately.


By Upagupt Mohanty

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