By Aditi Panda

The right nutrition is extremely essential to stay healthy, more so these days, owing to the sedentary desk jobs where there is negligible calorie loss. Today business is carried out from the comfort of our office cabins and cubicles through phone calls, e-mails, video conferences etc. as a result of which there is a lack of physical activity which in turn leads to adding oodles of weight. Less movement slows metabolism, promotes fat accumulation leading to obesity and a litany of health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis etc. Thanks to Google baba, today there is no dearth of awareness regarding what constitutes a healthy diet but that’s not enough, sticking to it is. To get more insights about nutritional food, Coffee Bytes spoke to Neel Sengupta, a Diet Coach at City Pharmacy and also a QA Trainer at IMS. Presently the trend of eating junk food is rapidly growing, especially in the youth who lead a very sedentary lifestyle impeding their nutritional needs. Neel says, “Eating out and junk food may look like two sides of the same coin. But making some informed choices can save us from making blunders that we commit every day. Even when we are outside we can see plenty of healthy food options around us, apart from the unhealthy. Sadly our choices are governed by bad habits or lack of information in selecting the right food which affects our health adversely. Sandwiched between tempting junk food and lack of physical exercise, the health of the young generation is in total disarray.” Speaking on the ideal food for people who sit for long hours at offices Neel shares, “It has to be a combination of three things. Eating local produce, avoiding packaged food and eating the right thing at the right time brings about a perfect balance between the macros and micros that our body needs. Our stomach has been programmed to digest the locally farmed food better and we need to respect that. We must learn to subtract tetra packs and processed food from our grocery list and stay updated about the right time to eat carbohydrates, proteins etc as every food has a fixed time to eat”. Comparing his recommended diets and fad diets this is what Neel recommends. “Six to seven meals in small proportion is what I recommend instead of not eating at all or keeping very long intervals between two meals. Introduction of necessary fats, instead of cutting all good fats from a diet has made a big difference from the common trend. Eating a healthy breakfast comprising of protein, complex carbohydrates and fats instead of rich carbohydrate breakfast also helps to stay healthy. These are the major differences that I have incorporated in the diet of my clients”.

It’s not unusual for youngsters to pick food that is appealing to their taste-buds over nutritional sprouts or veggies. Here are some simple tips that can help you make your meal healthy as well as palatable. Eat more of nuts and seeds in your breakfast as they are rich in protein, magnesium, vitaminB and healthy monounsaturated fats, found in almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. They help keep blood sugar under control and give your body a lot of energy. Raw vegetables and food high in fibre like broccoli and celery are rich in plant compounds that regulate blood sugar must be consumed regularly. Cheese can be a good source of protein. Healthy parathas made with wheat and sprout flour, mixed with ground legumes is an ideal, easy to carry meal, especially for people who eat at their work stations. Tasty and nutritious brown bread sandwich wraps with a veggie or paneer filling topped with tangy chutneys to homemade mayonnaise, garnished with fresh lettuce leaves could also be a great lunch option..It’s important to maintain your metabolism even as we go about our sedentary routine and it can be achieved by following a nutritious and balanced diet. Office goers should limit starch forms like bread, pasta, rice and other grains and eat more of carbohydrates from vegetables. Egg whites too can be a good option for egatarians as it is the highest quality protein one can eat because they increase nitrogen stores in muscles, making them firm to assist in burning more calories even when your body is at rest. Eggs are full of vitamin D and prevent fat from being trapped. Well, it can get very disturbing to find the weighing scale needle stubbornly staying on the right, even as people around you are losing weight by adopting artificial methods. Instead of getting disheartened, it’s high time you wrest control over your life and switch to a sustainable healthy routine with a bit of focus and determination.

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