Editor’s Message

Our Jane Doe is having a good day!
Rudra Narayan
is the Founder and Chief Editor
of Coffee Bytes. An IIT, Delhi
alumnus, he runs a business
house and is also the founder of
‘Jai Odisha’, an NGO which works
for the social betterment
of Odisha.

Dear Reader, Pranaam!

At the outset I’d like to thank you for browsing through our webpage. We also have  a monthly tabloid for light reading by the same name.

As a team of friends, we deliberated amongst ourselves to highlight the feats of people from Odisha who have made a difference through their individual excellence or by contributing towards society at large. This is also an attempt to capture the myriad facets of Odisha which are embedded in our art, culture, traditions and customs.

In the form of thoughts and opinions expressed by our creative team , we wish to bring in a fresh perspective through our various sections that would cater to one and all.

Coffee Bytes is also a platform where we encourage our readers to share their views and we have a dedicated section for you! We also look forward to your valuable feedback to improve our understanding of your taste and needs.

If our views are able to shape the minds of even a fraction of our readers towards greater social good, Coffee Bytes would have served its purpose.

I am extremely thankful to the other co-creators and would particularly like to commend the efforts of Arupa, Arindam and Sourav who have made this venture see the light of day.

I’m also thankful to our Consulting Editor, Mr. Sudhir Kumar Joshi and our other team members for their whole hearted support.

Our entire team is grateful to our mentor Mr. Prasanta Kishore Ray for his generous support and guidance which has been invaluable to say the least!

As a part of the media fraternity, we are conscious of the responsibility associated with the profession and stand committed to upholding that spirit at all times.