Exuding Confidence


Exuding Confidence

By Simran Sahoo

She may have been an introvert to start with since she felt under confident about her own appearance. Today, not only has she groomed herself into a refined lady, she makes a living off the confidence she emits and instills in others. Coffee Bytes caught up with Ms Romma, the franchise owner of Naturals Salon & Spa, Cuttack.

When did you start having this inclination towards makeup?

I think I have always had this weakness for makeup, even when I was a small kid. As a kid, I remember I literally ruined a lot of my mom’s lipsticks by painting my whole face with them. My mom stopped using lipsticks altogether because of me (laughs). I think your destination, what you become when you grow up, is always hidden somewhere behind all the crazy stuff you do as a child. Gradually, when you move ahead, you tend to forget your inherent knack and may step into something else, but you ultimately return to what you have always wanted to do. I have changed a lot of jobs; I was a school teacher, worked in a software company, wanted to become an IAS or OAS officer because my father wanted me to. But after the day’s toll when I returned home, the only thing that gave me pleasure was to see myself in the mirror and play with makeup. Becoming a makeup artist was not something that I had ever thought of or planned.

From the day you conceived this salon, to becoming a sought-after makeup artist. Where did you learn the skills and how has the journey been?

It started with experimenting on my family and friends (smiles). I saw my makeup artist work and felt I could do it myself. Every night after my salon closed for the day, I would try it out in front of the mirror. Even though I wasn’t a trained professional I had started doing bridal makeup by then, since I had the knack for it. My only source of training was the YouTube tutorials and I have spent countless sleepless nights trying these out on myself. With YouTube people generally find it difficult to figure out, where to start from. But I started with the basics keeping in mind my skills at that point in time. Currently, I’m taking classes from Meenakshi Dutt, Kirti Sotang and Chandini Studios. Even now, I’m an avid follower of my favorite YouTube and Instagram makeup artists and thanks to my experience, today I’m able to guess what they might have used and how. It helps me to keep learning more and more and I’m happy doing it. My hunger to become something big propelled me forward.

Tell us something about your transformation and the experiences before and after

Now, when I post my ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, there are many who appreciate my work but they are still a handful of people who feel, I’m trying to flaunt, that I’m becoming fair! They do not understand my message. All I’m trying to show is that anything could be possible. The people whom you have undermined at one point, can change into something that you could have never imagined and hence, you should always respect them. There was a time when I was bullied for my skin color and the way I looked. I did not want to change into someone fairer. I focused on my overall grooming and I wanted to become someone that I could be proud of. And although this is a bit emotional for me, but after being put down by a lot by people who were close to me, who have been very hurtful, I actually looked at myself in the mirror to understand where I was lacking. There were a few people who complimented my features and that gave me the boost that I needed. People do not realize what impact a kind word or two can bring about in someone’s life and I believe those words have helped me embrace and groom myself to what I am today. We are all special in our own ways; whatever I am there’s no one else like me. People should embrace this uniqueness and try to love themselves. Loving yourself is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

And lastly, what all products, tricks and tips that you would like to share with our readers?

A concealer is a must and when you are in a hurry, rather than doing all the foundation blending and all, what you can do is simple spot conceal and discoloration on your skin- a lazy girl trick. A bold lipstick and a nude lipstick are always there in my bag for the mood swings. I cannot think of my eyes without kajal and lenses to add a bit more drama. Translucent powder for the summers of Odisha and a highlighter on the high points of your cheeks, inner corners of the eyes and cupids bow can make you look glowing even on your worst days. And you know, when you want all eyes on you, simply go for a dark lipstick shade- not the reds but the gothic colors like deep wines and browns- and trust me that can be a game-changer.

Our response to everything is the way we have trained our minds. To retrain and untrain the mind is a blessing we enjoy. Being unhappy, therefore, is a choice. Staying happy, also.
Gargi Bhattacharya

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