The entire universe went into a frenzy, when ‘Bal Hanuman’, tried to gobble up the Sun. So much so, that ‘Lord Indra’ had to use his ‘Vajra’ to punish him and teach him a lesson. Apparently, post facto, the Gods, the angels and all the living beings went abuzz in gossip!

When I heard this story for the first time, as a child, my first question to the story teller (my mother) was, “Wasn’t he scared???” And, then gradually when I grew up (a process which I hate till date), it struck me that ‘Bal Hanuman’ probably never feared the consequences…and that precisely, remains my only takeaway from that story.

Today, when I observe the ‘Millennials’, their attitude towards life resonates with that of ‘Bal Hanuman’. The youth of today is fearless…fearless of the consequences…so much so, that they are more than willing to take risks. They are courageous, not due to the absence of any fear but because of their ability to conquer it. A plethora of start-ups, political hoopla, an un-quenching desire to liberate the country from the shackles of inequality and exploitation at the hands of our fellowmen are some of the testimonies to their never ending courage.

They have been able to do this, only because, they are willing to break taboos, always seeking transparency and are far more aspirational than what we can even think of…In one word they are ‘Disenchanted’ but not ‘Disengaged’. A self-proclaimed stud of my generation (I still think I am one, though only when I’m alone in front of the mirror), I’m filled with admiration when I observe today’s youngsters (especially girls…please pardon any unintentional sexist connotation) who are carefree and fearless. My generation would not have imagined a lady Uber driver or a lady fighter pilot! The youth of today does not mind taking up part time jobs to fuel their journey towards realizing their dreams, a very regressive step in my generation for the want of dignity of labour.

Apart from being courageous, the youth of today believes in bringing in a change…they cannot stand monotony or unfairness… and this quite resonates with what DJ (Daljeet, Aamir Khan) from Rang de Basanti said “Zindagi jeene ke do hi tareekey hote hain…Ek jo ho raha hai, hone do, bardaasht karte jao…ya phir zimmedaari uthao usey badalne ki…” and as true as it can get, today’s youth has lived up to every word of what DJ had to offer in the 2nd option.

While the youth of today needs no certification (as if they care!!!… and that’s what amazes me about them…how I wish I could be so courageous), what has always perplexed me is a question that keeps echoing in my head… “In this pursuit of their’s…have they been able to remain rooted???”…A question that still remains unanswered…

Most of you would just disagree and say “no they aren’t”…at least most of the surveys insinuate that…But let me tell you what I feel…I feel that they are far more rooted than the human race could have asked for!!! We have a tendency to generalise and categorize people and that is because we were bred that way… so what if a girl chooses to stay in a live-in??? So what if a guy is not straight??? So what if they choose one night stands over long term relationships??? So what if the girl or boy is not a virgin??? SO WHAT??? SO WHAT??? SO WHAT??? (tareek pe tareek, tareek pe tareek, tareek pe tareek, Sunny deol style from Damini)….But on a serious note guys, there’s a very thin line that separates free spiritedness and acting like a wannabe who apes others behaviour, just to be ‘kool’

Today’s youth doesn’t need us to tell them what is right or wrong, they want us to partner them in their decisions…and that in itself is being far more grounded…at least they think that we are worthy enough to be consulted…and not like us who back in our childhood used to blatantly lie to save ourselves from being reprimanded…I remember me and my friend Joey, bunking tuitions and spending the time watching movies and whiling our time on our bikes…Blessed were we, that we didn’t make it our habit and responsibility dawned on us pretty early…

Were we wrong in doing so??? Of-course not, but as I said earlier, had it become a habit then we would not have done justice to our upbringing.

So, coming back to the point, I feel that the youth of today is far more grounded, and has the ability to respond to a situation than react to it (Yes, there is a big difference!!)…but every good thing comes at a price, and the price, that today’s youth has paid is (completely in my opinion) lack of patience, lack of hope and lack of persuasion… I personally feel that, they at times give up easily on things, one which we (kids of 70’s and 80’s) are not used to. What makes me think that way??? Well the answer is divorces are more than marriages (despite courtship and live in relationships), suicides are more than the desire to live (does the recent case of Arjun Bharadwaj ring a bell???), online agitation is more than real time implementation, depression is more than cheerfulness, need for materialistic things is more than the need for intellect / emotions / feelings…

I can’t help but keep quoting Piyush Mishra again and again.. “Raaton ko mobile par chalti rehti hain ungliyan…seene par kitab rakhke soye kaafi waqt hogaya”…

So my fellow youngsters (who may feel I am old), life is awesome and it also gives you an opportunity to take it easy…it is not as hard as we may perceive it to be…it can be bitchy, but heart in-heart, we all are bitches, aren’t we??? So please don’t give up hope, don’t let your soulmate walk into oblivion while you walk into it, don’t get depressed at all for if you ever feel like, plug in the earphones and listen to some amazing music (‘Nashe si chad gayi oye’ from ‘Befikre’ is my personal favourite), read a book, go out on a date, indulge in healthy flirting, go play cricket, travel to places, and if nothing works out then let me tell you that visa is ‘on arrival’ at Bangkok and the currency is just 1.5 times of our’s….go get a bloody massage !!!

Always, remember that your life is not only yours, while you may want to think so and you have the right to, but it is as much as your loved ones as it is yours… your parents, your siblings, your friends, your colleagues…they may not express it, but believe me when I say, that you made a difference to each one of their lives and you have no idea of how indebted they are to you…

I lost my best friend Sreenivas (to suicide) in 2002 and even before I could realise, he was gone…there was so much we all wanted to do and share with him…I will not forgive him for leaving us, yet, till date I remember the good times spent with him and pray for his soul…the answer is, his suicide was not bloody worth it !!!

Lastly, in this rat race, it’s ok to slow down, pause for a moment and remember the Almighty and be thankful to him for the life he has given and the people you are surrounded with…live your life to the fullest but don’t hurt anyone… because Karma is as bitchy as we are… L o k a S a m a s t a S u k h i n o Bhavantu…You all are in my prayers…god bless you all and may peace be on you…Love you. ❏

by Uday Kiran
National Head, Talent Acquisition and Employee
Relations; Reliance Home Finance
A larger than life enigmatic personality


It’s such a common sight to see this generation’s children with bent heads, engaged for hours on their tabs/electronic gizmos. Over use of Hi-tech gadget is causing musculoskeletal injuries among kids and widespread stress injuries to the neck, spine and other hand joints. Their bones and muscles are still growing and this “abuse” also affects the mind and can adversely impact attention spans and limit social interaction and slow down the neural growth and development. The four common tech-related ergonomic injuries are –
(i) Text neck: results in strained neck and shoulder muscles,
(ii) App-claw: Continuous pressure on the thumb and fingers which results in stiffness and leads to tendonitis and loss of wrist strength,
(iii) Cell phone elbow: Damages the essential nerve (ulnar) in the arm and causes difficulty in simple tasks such as opening jars or playing musical instruments,
(iv) Computer Vision Syndrome: This happens due to less blinking and leads to dry eyes and blurry vision.

So now you decide, is it better for them to have a pain in “their” neck or that you device methods of healthy engagement for your children not to be the pain in ‘your’ neck !! I guess you’ve got the message.

Mala Mishra

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