Let There BE LIGHT


Every section of your dwelling servesa specific purpose. Some sections need to be accentuated while some need to be inconspicuous. Again there are areas that vary from each other owing to the need for visibility. Lighting plays that critical role in differentiating the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the various rooms and spaces of your home. While low light can make your home appear dull and depressing, too bright or dazzling lights will be certain to make your spaces restless and stark. Home lighting serves the following purposes.

1) Ambient Light:

This is the general lighting that you need all over the house for comfort. The sources of ambient lighting at home are wall scones, pendant lights, chandeliers, recessed lights, track lights and torcher(floor lamps). Lights within ceiling lamps also contribute ambient light. A warm white light is best for home ambience as opposed to white or yellow light. Optimal light is desirable, neither too harsh nor too dim.

2) Task Lighting:

True to their name these lights help you perform your routine tasks where visibility is important. Chopping vegetables, reading or applying make-up? Desk lamps, track lights, vanity fixtures, under cabinet lights for the kitchen etc. are task lights that’ll assist your activity .

3) Accent Lighting:

To highlight art, artefacts and accessories or photographs, you can use spotlights or tracks to accentuate your favourite pieces. It also works as an alternate light source, and creates an interesting fusion with general lighting .

4) Create Drama:

For that special mood or while you enjoy a chat with your spouse or friend, just playing music, or if you wish to be in quiet contemplation. You have various options for your different moods like a recessed light, a string of fairy lights tucked behind a plant, or just candles. Go for it! Add some romance to your space. If used suitably, the options above help improve the comfort level at your homes, both functionally as well as aesthetically. Some more pointers that should be helpful.

  1. Warm white light provides comfortable ambient lighting, while white light is better for intense task lighting.
  2. Lumen, colour and wattage all play an important role in your lighting plan. Incandescent light bulbs are on their way out, since they consume more electricity. LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) bulbs save energy even as they match the light output of higher wattage incandescent bulbs.
  3. Exciting things are happening in the field of home lighting. Fibre optics is slowly making way to create dramatic lighting effects. Stunning fixtures, quirky shades and new material is flooding the market.
  4. Solar lights are a great optione specially for outdoor lights and public areas. Though the initial investment is higher, in the long run, it is a big energy saver. However, this can happen only when you have the electrical layout planned. Your interior designer can always plan it out for you, so that you get your desired look and lighting effect.

Let’s de-light our homes !

By Revati Pany
O’Casa Design Studio

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