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“At the end of the day everything is about good food. It sets the tone for the day. Good food equates good mood. Therefore it becomes imperative that I serve my clients the best.” These were the words by Mrs Dimple Narula –  a woman with a vision, a dreamer and an achiever.

When we entered the base kitchen of Dimple’s Rasoi, we could see a master at work. Everything around was spotlessly clean and Mrs Dimple was in her best of elements. It was her haven. The cold coffee served to us was like ambrosia calming our parched throats in the sweltering heat. We were floored then and there.

As we sat down over a spread of delicious paneer kathi kebabs, masala lemonade and some really delectable samosas, Mrs Dimple Narula (founder)  of Dimple’s Rasoi  exclusively spoke about her enterprise to team Coffee Bytes. “Food should be the way it’s cooked at home. Be it 10 or 10,000 approximate people, our food- its hygiene and it’s taste remains the way it should be as safe as home cooked food and equally delicious,” says an ebullient Dimple. She has been featured in The Economic Times Magazine with the title ‘India’s barefoot entrepreneur’- which is an achievement in itself. A bustling Bhubaneswar has significantly contributed for making this enterprise more prominent each day.

Behind every success story,  there is a first thrust, a stumble, a setback or a change of dimension. At every phase of this business journey, Dimple found extensive support from her husband, family members and friends. “At every point in my life I have had them as a constant presence and encouragement. Whatever I have achieved is because of their unending belief in my ideals”, says Dimple.

“Customer satisfaction is our motto. The service and quality of food is never compromised,” further adds quality conscious Dimple. Importantly, she emphasizes on teamwork and believes that all that she has achieved could never have been possible, in absence of a dedicated team. Each member of Dimple Rasoi has significantly contributed to the increased efficiency and credibility of the enterprise.

At Dimple Rasoi, while Dimple oversees food quality aspect as food expert, Mr Akshay Narula (Managing Partner) is the head honcho of the marketing, operational and financial department of business. Dimple says, “My nephew (read Akshay) has been the strength behind me. He has been with me through thick and thin. Every decision which is taken in the enterprise is a joint decision. I maybe the face of the organization but he too has put his heart and soul in bringing us to where we stand”.

The delectable culinary delights, the warmth and the prices appeal to all the  senses of a client and that builds a relationship with the enterprise, an unforgettable one. Dimple’s Rasoi is a brand to reckon with in the catering business in the city.

An extract of interview with Mrs Dimple Narula and Mr. Akshay Narula

Mrs. Narula, what were the factors that led to the emergence of Dimple’s Rasoi in the smart city?

It was always a dream for me to start my own food business. So armed with my hotel management and other degrees and some eye opening experiences with Barista and five star hotel Imperial in Delhi. I tried to turn my dream into reality.My vision for doing something different, love for cooking and passion to serve others with a personal touch lead to emergence of Dimple’s Rasoi.

How does Dimple’s Rasoi stand apart from the rest of the professional catering services in the city?

At Dimple’s Rasoi, we believe in strong organizational ethics and consistent food quality. Our firm caters from 10 to 10,000 people. We provide homely food through catering services and treat our clients like our own family. My team is my backbone. Often, I get to hear compliments from our customers like “Apke Bachhe Bahut Acchhein Hai”. I take pride in it. The attrition of the team is rare while their development is high. We have a member, who got associated with the company as a helper in the kitchen but now he is the head chef of Chinese cuisines. We believe in the growth of our staff. If they grow Dimple’s Rasoi grows too. Besides that many of our clients have provided us with unwavering support and encouragement. Their appreciation has given a big push for the enterprise to go to the next level in the competitive market.

What is Dimple’s Rasoi speciality?

We specialise in mainly North Indian cuisine. But Paneer Kathi Kebab, Chole Bhature, Chicken Lollipops, Biryanis and Chocolate Custard Pudding are our show stealer items which have received a lot of appreciation from the customers.

Now that people are health conscious, how do you manage in terms of food preparation for an event?

These days people have become very calorie conscious and that’s why they want low-cal but tasty food. We try to keep the food less oily, less spicy and using fresh ingredients for an ever evolving health conscious customer.

Mr. Akshay, there would be lot of challenges you must be facing while providing catering services. Would you share one such challenging incident in your journey?

Once we were serving a party of approximate 400 people.We had a dish called “Badi Saga” in the ordered list. The preparation of the dish  is quite cumbersome and the whole process takes upto 2-3 hours. Just before two hours of the event, when I tasted the item, I rejected it on the spot. I identified the root cause that the vegetables were not washed properly. We had to re-do the item including purchasing of around 400nos of Saag, which was indeed a challenging work in a limited time frame. But together as a team we could do it and pull this off.

 What is your leftover policy?

We do not have a left over policy. It is mainly because over the years of experience in the industry, we have achieved an accuracy of calculation. Besides, that if we have leftovers, we first give priority to our team and manpower of other vendors attached with us.

By Upagupt Mohanty

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