A  Love  Letter

Dear Heart,
Between the earth and the sky there is no one I love more than you. I am shy to tell you that I miss you when you are at school or even sleeping. Though I know I am never alone because you are always in my
I love and admire you for what you are. Yes, I agree that I push you to work harder at whatever you do as I know that you are full of talent and potential. Maybe, I want the best for you.
At times, I think so much about your future that I forget, you are standing right in front of me, wanting me to laugh, dance, play and chat with you. Forgive me, my dear, but truly I love to watch you. You are full of life and energy.
I keep promising that I will never nag again, but I do it day in and out reminding you to brush your teeth twice, trim your nails, and finish your meals. I want you to be stronger than any superhero that
you know.
I love the way you offer to help me at home from making the bed to putting your things in place. It is good because you are growing every single day into an independent young individual full of wonderful
virtues and values.
I am proud of you.
I love that you are an individual and that you know your own mind enough. I am and I always will be there for you unconditionally. Whatever path you choose in life, you can always count on me loving you, hearing you, believing you, seeing your truth, being your greatest supporter.
With love
Your Mama

A   mother’s   love  for   her   child is   like   nothing   else   in   the   world  . It   knows no   law,   no pity, it   dares   all   things   and crushes   down   remorselessly   all that   stands in   its   path

You are the sweetest part of your mother’s life.
On Mother’s Day, surprise her with OREO Delight.
Things Required
 2 cups of vanilla ice-cream
 2 vanilla oreo cream cookies
 1 table spoon of broken cashew nuts.


1. Put the cookies into a paper/plastic bag and use the rolling pin to crush the cookies.
2. Gently mix the crushed cookies with the ice-cream in a mixing bowl.
3. Scoop the mixture into the bowl and allow it to set in the freezer for an hour. Serve with nuts and a cookie on top and enjoy the ice-cream with your Mom.

Easy ways to
help your Mom
at home :

Dear Children,
Your mother’s unconditional love for you is
immeasurable. She toils hard for your happiness
and it’s not easy. Though you are immensely
busy with your school, homework and hobbies,
yet you can still spare some time from your
daily routine. Your small help will be a huge
support for her.
1. Keep your place clean and tidy
Don’t mess your room, keep your b o o k s , t o y s , clothes and other belongings in their place. Do not throw bits of paper and food wrapper on the floor. Your Mom will feel happy when she sees your room neat and clean.
2. Fill the water bottles

We all need ater throughout t h e d a y , especially during summers. Filling empty bottles is
not difficult and refrigerating few would be of great time saver for Mom.
3. Set the dinner table

S e t t i n g t h e t a b l e , o n c e d i n n e r i s ready is fun. R e q u e s t i n g e v e r y o n e t o a s s e m b l e quickly at the table helps Mom to wind up chores post dinner. Don’t forget to put your used plate in the sink after eating.
4. Last but not the least, don’t forget to hug, kiss and appreciate your Mom for all that she does for you and your family.


An easy to make handmade card for your Mom who made you what you are today.

Things Required
 One coloured scrapbook sheet
 Glitter pen
 Double sided tape
 Pair of scissors
 A strip of paper
1. Take any coloured scrap book sheet paper and fold it at the center.
2. Place your palm on it and make an outline with a pencil.
3. Cut along the outline . Now you have two cutouts of your palm
4. Write , “I Love You, Mom” on one side of the palm
5. Cut a thin strip of paper and fold it vertically to form a fan and write “SOOOOO Much”.
6. Attach the palms at both ends of the thin strip using double sided tape, let it open like a string between the two palms.

A Mother is an Epitome of Love

by Saswati Nanda


S o what are your kids planning for these summer holidays? Are you planning to enroll them to learn dance, tennis or how to swim? Nah! That’s all clichéd. If you want your kids to both enjoy the summer break and learn something really creative, then Bhubaneswar-based activity centre, Thumbelina- An Expression of Creativity at Balaji Apartments, is just the ideal destination. Started by Meena Arora and Priya Budhiraja in May 2014, Thumbelina that derives its name from the famous fairy tale with the same name offers various fun programs ranging from cooking and bakery, paper craft, puppet making, computers, terracotta and clay modeling designed for children in the age group of 5 to 16.

“With an increasing number of nuclear families and working couples, children have no option other than getting either hooked onto gadgets or TV. So Thumbelina aims to give children a platform to pursue their passion, explore their creative side and above all have fun, pursuing it,” says Mrs Arora. The children get creative with food preparation at Thumbelina. “Younger children are introduced to fireless cooking like preparing desserts, marshmallows and sandwiches which they also like to eat. Older children are taught a bit of everything from baking, starters, various international cuisines and mocktails,” adds Priya.

“Kids as young as five turned up for the cooking classes and eventually became so adept at cooking that they even prepared a meal, for their parents. We are always on the look-out for something new and unique. This year we are planning to introduce the ‘needle work’ and other innovative stuff in the craft classes,” Priya added. So, pack up those tennis racquets, swimsuits and dancing shoes. Let the young Turks unleash their creativity through measuring cups, needles and colors, this summer.

318, Vishnu 1, Balaji Complex,
Jail Road, Bhubaneswar
Mob- 9090967617

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