Modern Painting & Wall Decor


When you’ve done everything you had to, you’ve furnished and redecorated the house but there’s still something missing, it could be that your walls have not been addressed with interest. Wall space is crucial to bringing a room together. The proper use of wall art is a great way to add some flair and substance to your room with your own personal touch to it I always tend to start with wall décor and my reasons are crystal clear. Wall decor is a brilliant way to beautify interior which gives an insight of the persona of the inhabitants.

Irrespective of whether you are art savvy or not, displaying paintings or any artistic work is a great way to spruce up walls and add panache to the decor of your home. The primary purpose of wall decor is to elevate the room with it’s essential. The paintings must create a sense of balance and harmony, without overpowering or disturbing the surroundings..

Deciding the right piece and the exact place to hang the paintings, can be intimidating but trust me, the process is exhilarating. In fact, picking and displaying an artistic creation is an art in itself. Each room with its unique identity must be independently assessed before adorning the walls.For example, the drawing room, as a practice, is used for visitors, so the paintings placed in it, should be vibrant and cordial. It’s advisable to select the theme and colours in a way that, it can make the room look bigger and compliment the furnishings and drapery. One modern painting can be used to cover two thirds of the wall initiating a scope for a talking point.

The dining room is crucial, as it serves the space for your family and guests to gather and share a meal together. Use at least one long wall to hang a piece or a group of pieces to create the right dining ambience. So, you could do with a piece that can enhance contentment. The painting should be hung in the line of sight for clear visibility.Every house boasts of an area used by the entire family, with activities ranging from watching TV or planning things or gossiping or chilling out with desserts and beyond.Here, the wall decor must grab attention. Instead of a painting bought from an art gallery, one can collect a work of art that the children of the family have canvassed in school or dabbled in extracurricular art. The display will evoke old nostalgic memories and will pave way for some more family conversation. This gallery wall will create a natural fluidity and lighten up the spirits.

The same philosophy can be used to brighten up the children’s room. Animated characters that the children love, have a definite influence in decor selection. “Painting is a beautiful way of expression. One wall of every room is dedicated to the art done by my children from their kindergarten days. Today, they are not with us but every work of art on the wall of fame as we call it, makes us walk down the memory lane and a cascade of happy moments helps us to bounce back”, says Priya Naidu happily. The bedroom is the private domain of the couple or any individual for that matter, hence art for bedroom walls should reflect their likings and speak about their personalities. Choose an artwork that gels well with the colour scheme and decor. The painting should be refreshing, relaxing and calming..

Satyabhama Majhi is an artist, a practitioner, engaged in various creative expressions such as painting, installation art, sculpturing and photography. She says, “now a days, the demand for good paintings has increased in Odisha since a decade. People have learnt to appreciate art more and the hard work behind every piece of art work. A beautiful painting can transform the room completely if chosen wisely”. A painting as a wall decor is not merely an addition to the room, rather it replicates a cohesive energy that pulls a space together. Hope it has inspired you to create your own style space.

By Aditi Panda

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