My India, My Pride


The country where the Himalaya’s rise
And the Ganges river lies
From those mountain peaks the view is very nice
But you’ll freeze as its made of ice.

The country attracts tourist near
That’s the reason why they come here every year.

The country whose citizen are mature
And their heart’s are very pure
Is our one and only….India

India is my pride
And its culture is known far and wide
It is famous for different kind of spices
and cereals like wheat and rice.

To Assam if you go you’ll see
People sitting near Brahmaputra river and sipping their tea.

Here important people are recorded in history
Some facts about them are still a mystery
The people of India are very wise
As they made a game with a dice.
Always together the Indians bind
That’s how they won over the Britishers
…with the strength of each citizen’s mind.

Every night , the people of India sleep tight
As it’s armed forces fight day and night
The country is very bright
And the constitution says that every citizen should get its right.

The traffic policemen ensure that we are safe
…that’s why in every direction they have to wave
The doctors are sure
…that for every disease , they will find a cure.

There are many seasons in India like monsoon
They are all lovely that you won’t want any to go soon
In any corner of the South
..the idlis and dosas will water your mouth.

Lets join hands against the tide
Keep India clean, join the ride.

Come to my land
Give me your hand
And you will be glad
To bask under the sun and sand.

By Suveer Ray Joshi

Class V. Mothers Public School

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