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Everyone is aware of the magical calming effect that greenery has on the human mind. All of us relish the moments spent in beautiful gardens. We love having a bit of our own paradise at our homes as well. If you are lucky to be living in a bungalow, you would be having your own garden to nurture and enjoy. In an apartment, it is a challenge to grow plants because of the limitations of space, or lack of sunlight. However, it is possible to create a landscape in any area and it is sure to give you a sense of relaxation each time you see it.

A Bungalow with garden space: Lucky you! Go for it ! You can design your garden. Flowering plants, shade plants, a water body, a bird bath, a patch of green, could be fruit trees too. Do remember to have plants that you can maintain. These days you do get professional help to maintain your gardens like a five star resort.

Apartment Living: If you live in an apartment and wish to have ‘the green patch’, get creative! Here is what you can do…

Find the sunniest spot in your balcony. From fruits to herbs, from the ubiquitous Tulsi to flowering plants and shrubs, container gardening is the trick to grow them in lesser space than you would imagine.

Wrought iron plant holders and terracotta pots: Wrought iron planters come in beautiful and intricate designs and can hold multiple pots in a small area, to give an interesting effect.

Shade Plants: There are succulents and shade loving plants that grow well in a place with limited sunlight. They also respond well to artificial lights, like the ones you see at airports. You need to see that they are well drained, and not over-watered.

To make your plants/garden look prettier, here are some tricks

Bunch your pots together: Placing your plants in a cluster makes them look more attractive and conspicuous.

Living walls: Another interesting way is to green up a wall. Even if a part of the wall gets sunlight, you can have a vertical garden. There is a grid which is fitted on to the wall along with tilted containers, soil and nutrients. You can have a mix of colours to make your vertical garden very attractive.

Garden in a bottle or hydroponics: Place soil, charcoal and nutrients in a large jar. Miniature spider plants thrive well and create their own ecosystem. They simply need to be rotated periodically and are sure to satisfy your green thumb urge.

Orchids: You can nurture orchids on hanging pots, they have charcoal and coconut husk to hold moisture and nutrients, which need to be sprayed on.

Terrace gardens: If you have a terrace, you can have everything that you wished to have in a garden. Water bodies, creepers, flowering bushes, even a lawn. You only need to seal the terrace floor and have good drainage. Addition of greenery to your home and office environment is not only a very satisfying activity,but it also has a hugely relaxing effect on the mind, cuts down pollution and enhances the ambience aesthetically!

by Revati Pany O’Casa Design Studio

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