New Trends of d RAPING A SAREE


New Trends of d RAPING A SAREE

By Lopamudra Jena Fasion Consultant

What is a saree? Your Google answer will be : It is a traditional Indian attire. Well, it is more than just a traditional attire. You must have seen Bollywood actresses, clad in sarees often. But have you seen Hollywood celebrities wearing sarees? You might have, without realizing that it is a saree. Now a days even Bollywood celebrities are wearing sarees with a twist keeping you wondering- how it has been done! So let us discuss some modern ways of draping a saree, which can give you a celebrity-like look! As saree is an un-stitched garment, we can drape it differently along with some accessories and get an altogether different look. Before we talk about modern drapes, we need to know the basics- traditional draping styles. One of the widely used draping style is nivi style or basic saree drape. This style works for every occasion, be it a party or workplace, it gives you a sophisticated look. In this style the sari is worn along with a petticoat with pleats in the front and the pallu is thrown back over the shoulder like a shawl.

Beginners should alwa ys follow the step by step procedure and ta ke few caut ions :
• Always wear your petticoat firmly at the waist.
• Always put your footwear on, before you start draping.
• Use safety pin to hold the pleats.
• Always make sure the bottom of the saree shows only your toes, does not reach the floor.

Belt ed style :

This is the easiest way, which transforms
a basic drape look in to a modern look.Wear
a plain saree in nivi style with a matchingblouse. Make sure the pleats on shoulder
should not be more than 3-4 inches. Take a
statement belt and place it around the waist,
just bellow the blouse length.
Make sure the pallu doesn’t not come
under the belt. As the belted look drags the
focus towards your waistline. You need to be very careful while selecting a belt. If you are
tall and have a narrow waistline, you can go
for a wide belt but if you are short always go for a thinner one. Do not
wear heavy jewellery, but you can always take a clutch matching with
the belt. A belted look always enhances your personality.

Pant style :

This is my favorite style of draping. Here
you need a matching blouse to the saree and
a pair of pants in ankle length, instead of
a petticoat first take the pallu , and make
pleats of around 3-4 inches, pull this over
your left shoulder and pin it up. Then take
the other end of the saree and bring it back
from right side towards your left and tuck in
properly at the waist. Now the loose hanging
part needs to be pleated and tucked in the
front center of your pant. Keep the jewellery
minimal, and you are all set for an extraordinary look. But don’t forget
to add a pair of heels.

Team up saree with tops:

This is an Indo-western version of saree.
You can play with your creativity here, as
there is no rule, and you have a wide range
of tops to select from. Take a saree and try
to match it with an appropriate western top,
you can go for a crop top, cold shoulder
top, tube top or even a jacket. Wear the
bottom of the saree, similar to nivi style.
Gather the pallu, just above the shoulder
and tie-up with a matching thread, instead
of a safety pin and place it on the shoulder.
You can tighten or loosen the pallu as per
your requirement in order to give it a carefree look. You can always
add funky jewellery and a clutch to complete the look. If you want to
standout in a party you must try this.

Lehenga style :

When you are up for a marriage party
or sangeet, and you feel like you have
nothing to wear, just take your old heavy
work saree.You can make a lehenga out of
it. Start wrapping the saree around your
waist from right hand side, just like you
do in basic style. After one full wrap , start
making small pleats and tuck it inside the
petticoat, and continue till the back. Then
take the pallu and make small pleats of
around 3-4 inches and bring it over your
right shoulder, and pin it up.Add a pair of heavy earrings and a popping
lip color and look into the mirror, to see the gorgeous lady in front.

Skirt Style :

Here you need to take extra care, while choosing the blouse or it could be a western top, as it will be fully exposed. The blouse should be well made and in contrast to the saree or both of them should be of same shade.Wear the bottom of the saree, similar to nivi style, but there is a twist in the pallu draping. Instead of throwing it over the shoulder, drape it around the waist and tuck one corner of the pallu inside the petticoat. You can use a safety pin for extra safety .Keep it to a minimal look, and you are ready to rock.

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