Peace, Prosperity and Protection with Vastu


Business is plummeting down”. “Family is shrouded with health problems after we shifted to this house, so many marriage proposals but none is materialising” etc. These are some common problems in every household. So what do you generally do when you are facing a problem in either your personal or professional life? People react differently when faced with difficult situations, but there is also a common belief that maybe something is unlucky for them, at times it is the house or office space they spend most of their time in. Having a Vastu complaint space is a common phenomenon these days. Some even make structural changes in their homes/office to bring in luck and make things work for them.

To get an insight about this growing principle, Coffee Bytes had a chat with Sandeep Kumar Mishra, Vastu consultant, practicing Vastu since 2001. He shared some important aspects related to this ancient science,’ Vastu is an environment science based on the conditions, space and location of a person. Accurate computation of these environmental factors help in finding a corrective action to a problem. A Vastu complaint house carries the trust of the individual living in it. The future of a family depends on it and incorrect computation may have a negative impact on the family. While deciding the Vastu of any home, office, building, factory, land or plot we try to harmonize them to bring in peace, protection and prosperity. Talking about the vastu aspect in the high rise apartments where there are several apartments on the same floor with different equation for every flat, it’s difficult to have each flat as per the Vastu principles. But it is our job to make sure that the entire location is Vastu compliant. It’s easier to apply vastu if the builders take experts advice before zeroing the plan layout or finding the location. Most builders are often reluctant to let go of few spaces and common walls. In most projects the first booking is a vastu centric house, even if it is priced on the higher side. There are different zones for every entrance and if those are planned then the house will evoke positive vibes.

The energy of a particular house can be changed in a systematic-scientific way without any demolition and major destruction. The disturbed energy is balanced with the counter energy in another zone to create a positive vibe. This is exactly how vastu works to yield and balance positive vibes.
Anil Senapati told his Vastu story, “The balcony was in the west and the kitchen door was facing the main entrance which is totally against Vastu. We changed the positions after consulting a professional. We included the balcony in the room and it helped. There are many doable things which show changes immediately.”
Today life is busy and stressful and this surely effects our mental peace. Follow some workable vastu tips.
There are guidelines to design and construct an ideal house to get prosperity, protection and peaceful environment into the house. and interpret these Proper consultation with an expert can help cost control and every aspect can be customized.

By Aditi Panda

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