When the scorching summer paves way for the romance of the monsoons, it sure is time to enjoy the rains to the fullest. Thundering skies, lashing rains, pretty umbrellas, a new monsoon wardrobe and of course ‘Coffee Bytes’! Much as we love the monsoons, it comes with its own set of challenges. The clothes refuse to dry, the sky could get overcast for days together, which could create a gloomy feeling. Above all, you want your home to be monsoon ready, so that you can enjoy the season to the hilt. Here are some tips to beat the monsoon blues —-


1) Fix that leak —– Just before the onset of monsoons is the perfect time to check for any leaks and cracks that might soak your walls. Make sure all the drains are unclogged and flowing well. If you need to get the overhead tanks cleaned, get it done in summer. If you need termite treatment, get it done before monsoon sets in.

2) Double check on carpet care —- Much as you love your Persian or Kashmir carpets, or even the beautiful durrie you picked during your last exhibition, they can get real ly dirty and full of moisture during the monsoons. It is a good idea to vacuum them, sun them and roll them up. Do store them in polythene and keep away from balconies or damp walls. Drop camphor balls tied in muslin in the packing. You could dry clean them to keep them ready for winter.

3) Furniture care —– Ah! your beautiful furniture! It needs special care during the wet season. First the basics

A) Keep it dry —-Move furniture away from doors and windows. Prevent it from coming in contact with raindrops or damp walls. If you have painted your garden furniture, move it to your garage to prevent it from chipping. A quick trick is to run air conditioners /dehumidifiers during long spells of rain to keep the upholstered furniture dry. Air conditioners control the humidity levels and if you have expensive art, you must keep the rooms free of excess moisture, especially since Odisha has very high levels of humidity. Avoid wet dusters coming in contact with wooden surfaces.

B) Keep it clean —- Keeping the house free of clutter and accessories ensures a dry place, that is easy to maintain in monsoons .

C) Keep it oiled —- Guess what? I use a cloth dipped in olive oil (very little) to rub my wooden furniture. Clean thoroughly with dry cloth, and then just rub with a drop of oil on a clean cloth. It protects your furniture from moisture, use wax or Mansion polish on marble tops and sliding channels.

D) Keep it simple —- Avoid renovation or beautification during monsoons, especially polishing or painting work, as you will not achieve the best results.

E) Keep it wise —- Naphthalene, camphor balls or cloves can be dropped in furniture compartments for additional protection and that fresh smell.

Home Decor

Now that your beautiful abode is dry, clean and well cared for, the rainbow jumps out of the laptop screensaver into the sky and you are so ready to have friends over for ‘chai’ and ‘pakoras’. It’s time to embark upon the favourite activity! Home styling during monsoons! Here are some tips from O’Casa Design Studio, that are sure to wow our visitors.

1) Do the colours —– Beat the greys in the sky by using bright colours to pep up things around your home. Simply changing cushion covers, adding a pop up wallpaper to a niche and changing art will instantly transform the look. Really ‘fun’ cushions covers are available online. ‘India Circus’ has great selection of fun cushion covers, with pictures of rainbows, umbrellas, and clouds. Get the mood! Blue, green, turquoise, teal, fuchsia, neon colours will perk up everyone’s mood! I have invested in two sets of curtains. A cool white one to use from February to July and a warm brown one from August to January. Just changing cushion covers changes the look, and is pocket friendly too. Use the same trick with table runners, bed counter panes , even doormats and bathmats.

2) Do the aroma—- I am a big fan of home fragrances. They add that special aura to the ambience of your home. Keep aroma dispensers in bathrooms and other strategic places for that Spa like feel. Incense sticks and the desi ‘Jhuna’ in the evening adds a spiritual touch. But be careful of not creating too much smoke with the Jhuna.

3) Do the music—- Play your favourite ghazals, or melodies that soak you in the monsoon mood!

4) Do the little touches—- .A picture of an umbrella or clouds, even a painted up old bucket as an umbrella stand, handy towels for visitors to wipe off droplets and good quality doormats. They can all add that ‘X’ factor to your monsoon ready home! Brace up and enjoy the monsoons to the fullest! Get drenched!!!

By Revati Pany

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