Rediscover. Reclaim. Relive.



Rediscover. Reclaim. Relive.

By Upagupt Mohanty

“Look deep into the nature, and then you will understand everything better”- Albert

Winters are a good time to visit wildlife sanctuaries as the likelihood of spotting migratory birds in various water bodies is high. Winter is undoubtedly the best time for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts to explore the wild in Odisha. So, plan for a venturesome cruise as a nature wanderer or with family and friends to a wildlife sanctuary. For family trips, this is the best time as kids have their winter vacations. Odisha, which falls in the South-Eastern part of country is home to a wide-range of flora and fauna that can be found in abundance in various wildlife sanctuaries across the state. The state is home to exceptional sanctuaries such as the lagoon that acts as bird haven as well as a habitat for turtles. The state is also home to an array of migratory birds that come here for the magnificent mangroves and thick forests that are entwined in rivers and streams. So this winter how about showing your kids tigers, crocodiles, turtles in their natural habitats? Or star gazing at night in an eco-cottage? Or taking a river cruise or simply soaking feet in chilled river water? Sounds absolutely thrilling and exciting right? It feels good to admire nature through cultured travel magazine or travel shows on TV channels but to experience it for real and see it all live is altogether a different experience.

Love Nature. Live in Nature. Conserve Nature.

The natural reserves in Odisha is pretty impressive and offers some delightful landscapes. Experience the visual treat of richness of wildlife together with the pleasant tropical climate in Odisha. We at Coffee Bytes picked couple of such alluring locations for a simple trip that you can do in this winter season for reclaiming life..


Visit thedry deciduous mixed forests. Go for Olive Ridley turtle spotting,take a boat ride, spend a night stay in a Swiss cotton tent or be cozy under the bright sunshine and make it a perfect holiday.

Location: Puri District
Area of Sanctuary: 71.72 sq. km
Important Fauna to be seen: Striped Hyena, Rhesus Monkey, Indian
Hare, Pangolin, Ratel Black Buck, Spotted deer, Otter, Pariah Kite, Egret,
Spotted Owlet, Indian Grey Horn Bill, Python, Star Tortoise, Olive Ridley
Sea Turtle etc
Important Flora to be seen: Casuarina, Tamarind, Anacardium,Karanja,
Polanga, Neem etc
Water bodies: Rivers – Nuanai and Kushabhadra
Access Route: The Puri-Konark Marine Drive from
Puri or Pipli- Nimapara route from Bhubaneswar
Temperature : In winter: 16°C(min)

Accommodation and facility: SaikatNivas, Nature
camp(Swiss cotton tents)with night stay facility near
Nuanai, Boating facility at Kushabhadra
Other attraction near Sanctuary: Historical
monuments such as Beleswar Temple, Bali Kapileswar,
Ramchandi, Konark Temple, Puri Temple.
Officer to be contacted: Divisional Forest Officer, Puri Wildlife Division ,
Phone/Fax-06752-228281, email ID :-



Come here for the pleasure of green bliss of up-land of North-Eastern Ghat. Visit ancient remains to get a deep insight to history. Either watch a parade of elephant or enjoy a ride on them along with adventure games,
making it for a perfect holiday.

Location: District of Khurda & Cuttack
Area of Sanctuary: (excluding mining area of
Important Fauna to be seen: Elephant, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer,
Mouse Deer, Sloth Bear, Leopard, Crested serpent eagle, Pecock and
migratory birds.
Important Flora to be seen: Trees and plants of numerous species, range
of medicinal plants.
Water bodies: Small lakes
Access Route/Point: Main gate at Godibari, 20 km
away from Bhubaneswar city limit
Temperature: In winter: 11°C (min)
Accommodation and facility: Godibari (Suite), Deras
(cottages)Elephant ride, Adventure sport facility at
Dampara and Environment friendly battery operated
vehicle in designated circuits within sanctuary.
Other attraction in the Sanctuary: Charchika Templevia
Dampara, and remains of ancient fort Bualigarh, Chudangagarhetc
Officer to be contacted: Divisional Forest Officer,Chandka Wildlife
Division,GajaVihar, PO: Baramunda, Bhubaneswar-751003.Phone: 0674
2355885 Tele Fax: 0674 2355400 email:


Watch some of the migratory birds or spot majestic tiger. Admire the panoramic sight of the Satkosia gorge and the forests. Enjoy the river cruise and make it an experience to remember.

Location: District of Nayagarh and Boudh
Area of Sanctuary:
Important Fauna to be seen: Chousingha, Bears, Chital, Bison,
Elephants, Tigers, Leopards, Sambar Deer, Spotted Deer, King Cobra,
Majestic Osprey, Falcon, Hill Myna, Hornbill etc
Important Flora to be seen: Sal, Amala, Dhaura, Kochila, Harida,
Kusum, Aau, Neem, Mango, Bahada, Kurum, Bija, Asan, Bamboo etc.
Water bodies: Borders Mahanadi River, Manmade waterbodies, Salt
Access Route/Point: 120km from Bhubaneswar and
60km from Nayagarh. Entry Point: Daspalla and Chamundia from Nayagarh
Temperature: In winter: 5-6°C(min)
Accommodation and facility: Forest Rest Houses
at Kuanria-Daspalla-Nayagarh-Chamundia,
Recreational and educational facilities at Deer Park
at Kuanria, River cruise on Mahanadi river
Other attraction in the Sanctuary: Ancient spots
such as Sapapathara and Bicharapathara, minor waterfall at Chandipathara
Officer to be contacted: Divisional Forest Officer, Mahanadi Wildlife
Division, Nayagarh. Address:- At- Collage Road Po/Dist-Nayagarh
Tel No.06753-253971 email:-


Witness the endangered four-horned antelopes or Mugger Crocodile. Experience the sylvan beauty with magnificent waterfall that has capacity to fill the visitors with a different level of thrill.

Location: District of Bargarh
Area of Sanctuary: 346.91sq.kms
Important Fauna to be seen: Elephants, Chausingha,
Gaur, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Bear, Leopard, Porcupine,
Jackal, Nilgai, Hyena, Wild Dog, Civet, Peacock, Black
Partridges, Blue Jay, Pea Fowl,Water Fowl- Migratory
Birds ( winter ), Mugger Crocodile, Fresh Water Turtle
Important Flora to be seen: Sal, Bija, Sisoo, Asan,
Saguan, Kumbhi and Mohul, Simul, Bamboo etc• Water bodies: River Mahanadi
Access Route/Point: Through Dhodrokusum by the Hirakud reservoir.
Dhodrokusum is 50 km from Sambalpur and 317 km from Bhubaneswar
Temperature: In winter: 9°C (min)
Accommodation and facility: Forest Rest Houses in Dhodrokusum and
Eco-tourism Cottages at Barakhandia.
Other attraction around the Sanctuary: Hirakud dam, Huma Leaning
Temple, Samleswari Temple
Officer to be contacted: Divisional Forest Officer, Hirakud Wildlife
Division, Sambalpur. Phone no: 0663-2548743 email: hirakudwildlife1@


Explore the wonderful symphony made by the gurgling of a forest stream, the chirping of birds, sound of animals and tribal music.

Location: District of Kandhamal
Area of Sanctuary: 399.50sq.kms
Important Fauna to be seen: Elephants, Tigers, Nilgai, Chital, Wild
boars, Bee Eater, Peafowl, Green Pigeon,Spotted Dove, Minivet etc
Important Flora to be seen : Kochila, Dhaura, Char, Arjuna, Bheru,
Salapo, Jamun, Kangada, Jackfruit, Mango, Tamarind, Kendu, Sal etc
Water bodies: LuduWaterfall , TupiWaterfall and varied minor waterfalls
Access Route/Point: 330 km from Bhubaneswar. 250 km from
Berhampur. 60km from Baliguda
Temperature: In Winter :11°C (min)
Accommodation and facility: Forest Rest Houses
in Kotagarh and Baliguda and Eco-tourism Tents
at Belghar and Daringbadi. Trekking to Dimli hills.
Experience of tribal culture of Kutia Kandha
Other attraction in the Sanctuary: Nature trail
(i)Haripur-Guma via Sutaghati (ii)Lassery- Baripanga
via Pipadi
Officer to be contacted: Divisional Forest Officer,
Baliguda Division, Baliguda. Phone no: 06846-243249,
Fax: 06846-243066 email:


Relish the spectacular wild and untouched natural environment.

Location: District of Keonjhar
Area of Sanctuary: 191.06sq.kms
Important Fauna to be seen: Elephant, Leopard, Wildboar, Bears,
Macaque, Tiger, Babbler, Magpie Robbin, Swift, Vulturesetc
Important Flora to be seen : Sisoo, Bamboo, Jamu, Mango, Arjun,
Mohua etc
Water bodies: River Salandi.
Access Route/Point: 161 km from Bhubaneswar via NH16. 20 Km from
Bhadrak via SH53
Temperature: In Winter :15°C (min)
Accommodation and facility: Guest house in
Gadachandi, Salandi Dam and Dalki. Inspection
Bunglow at Anandpur and Hadagarh. Salandi Nilaya
at Hadagarh
Other attraction in the Sanctuary: Salandi Dam,
Bahia Dam, Gadachandi Temple with waterfall, Shiva
Temple with Chakratirtha waterfall, Ramchandi and
excavated statues by villagers
Officer to be contacted: Divisional Forest
Officer, Keonjhar Wildlife Division, Anandpur.
Phone no: 06731-220322 email:

NB: Before travelling to the spot, check with route map, locate accommodation facilities in nearby town and cities, and contact the officer to get the detailed info and updated tariff rates of entry ticket, lodging and other facilities.
“The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” –Lao Tzu .



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