Saluting Life


Saluting Life

By Aditi Panda

Today medical science is developing rapidly and everyday there is a new alternative surgery or therapy in our hospitals. But in spite of all the burgeoning advancement man has not yet been able to find a substitute for ‘blood’. The only way to replenish blood is through the blood of others who have been benevolent enough to donate it. Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can gift others. 14th June is celebrated as World Blood Donor Day by all member countries of the World Health Organization (W.H.O). It is unfortunate that people around the globe are more likely to be aware of Valentine’s Day even though World Blood Donor Day is a proactive way of helping the society and also saving millions of lives. For the donor, it’s just a matter of taking out a few minutes out of your daily schedule, once in few months, while for the patients it could be the difference between life and death.

The fact that most surgical inter ventions and medical procedures requi re bl ood transfusions, it’s truly heartening to see more and more youth groups coming forward to donate blood and create consciousness about it. Mr. Jagat Jeeban Jena, Secretary, ‘We 4 You Red Express’ informed us about their constant efforts to urge more and more people to donate blood. ‘RED EXPRESS’ is a 24×7 Emergency Blood Helpline. We came up with this initiative by arranging blood donation camps in many corporate houses and in the last 8 years we have facilitated around 72 blood donation camps. We soon realized that during an emergency, patients may not be availing blood at the hospitals for a host of reasons ranging from negligence and laxity by the hospital staff to lack of faith in the levels of hygiene and scrutiny adopted in the collection process. That’s when we decided to arrange for live blood donations for needy patients at hospitals directly, by lining up healthy donors. Initially it was a difficult task for us to arrange blood for the patients, but then we organized our services by creating awareness in the youth groups and roping in more youngsters to donate blood on the spot. Every hospital and blood bank has the details of our team and once we receive a call from the blood bank or hospital our donors reach the spot. Till date we have arranged for approx. 2000 units in different hospitals of Odisha during emergencies. We also have regular donors in our group who donate blood every 3 months to help sickle patients requiring blood regularly.”

Our sincere request to our readers —if anyone is interested to donate Blood or need a blood for your relatives kindly contact our coordinators on these nos – 9090306115/ 7538003580/ 7205823040.

Even now many people nurture this misconception that one can give blood in the event of tragedies or emergencies. In fact, it should be a usual and regular part of our lives. Habitual blood donations signify that there will be adequate quantity of safe blood in the reserves. Salaam Jeevan is a registered Trust that has been dedicatedly working to support the kids suffering from Thalassaemia, who require the maximum number of regular blood transfusions to survive, yet there is seldom a word about it.

Don’t let mosquitoes get to your blood first Donate blood today

Dr. Biswashree Gyanranjan Nayak, Co-Founder of Salaam Jeevan and a dynamic Homeopathy doctor has researched on the remedial effects of homoeopathy on these patients. This treatment helps the patients to increase the gap between blood transfusions and also helps in reducing the related side-effects like irritation, bloated abdomen, anemia with pale color of body, swelling, loss of appetite, general weakness and dizziness. The parents of these suffering kids feel obliged towards this initiative, now even more as the organization is providing free medical consultancy with free homeopathic medicines to about fifty such suffering kids. Founder of Salaam Jeevan Md. Imran Ali said, “Our team organises awareness generation programmes and requests the young couples on the threshold of matrimony to undergo a few tests to save their next generation from the risk of Thalassaemia. The group has also published a booklet on understanding Thalassemia for the awareness of the general public and regular blood donation. During summer, the blood banks undergo a tremendous shortage of blood as a result of which Salaam Jeevan goes about motivating people towards blood donation through mass media and social media platforms. Our readers can contact Md. Imran Ali on 9438747320

‘People for Seva’ founded in 2016, with an objective of creating a volunteering revolution to inspire people to take active part for the betterment of the society and change their mentality towards seva. ‘Seva’ does not only mean donating some money and forgetting about it but also to donate blood which is one of the most critical needs. ”A very high percentage of our country’s population is eligible to give blood, but only less than 10 percent of those who can, actually donate annually. Blood donation is safe and medical science clearly says that men can donate blood up to four times a year while a woman can do so upto three times, provided there is a minimum gap of two months between donations”, shared Aditya Dash, Founder of the group. Requesting our dear readers, to take a cue from this article and contact any of the numbers given above to come forward and donate blood, this 14th of June. Don’t wait for others to take the first step as every unit donated by you could save a precious life. Let’s pledge our solidarity to this great cause and celebrate World Blood Donor Day, every single day of the year.

You can contact PFS on the numbers given below- Aditya Dash 9853632062 Palaka ku Sahoo 95832 00098 Mrutyunjaya Manik 9853308827

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