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The concept of home beautification is the flair of not just beautifying a particular room but to also make full use of the dead corners and spaces, so that it looks good, is easy to use and functions well with the existing architecture. Identifying the right mix of how much to showcase and how much to conceal (in closed cabinets), is the hallmark of beautifying a home. Every urban dweller has to face the small space hitch and tackle the issue of scarce storage space to make room for best knick-knacks. The correct blend of utility and aesthetics of designing these small spaces is a tricky facet and should be planned appropriately.

Geared for daily life
Necessity, accessibility and retrievability are three factors that are imperative while designing clever storage spaces. It takes only one individual to create storage catastrophe and the number of people living in a given household add to the challenge. There are never-ending possibilities for using space and an idyllically themed space will define a little about you, your family and your home. It also provides a place to showcase collections, themed items or art and crafts that you have lovingly collected over the years with a special memory attached to it. Designing a small house can be demanding but with a little creative innovation, the space constraint can be overcome easily. A little imagination – like a pull out bed with a set of drawers below can be kept in the bedroom for children and can also be used when guests drop in. A plethora of custom built multipurpose shelving is now available for every budget. Choose furniture that earns its floor space by doubling as storage like a coffee table with drawers or a room divider of open shelving. A compact home office behind closed doors, with a laptop and ample vertical storage with the door concealing it, would be ideal to use. The house can transform completely by a slight change of design elements which can add life to a dead corner

Coffee Bytes spoke to different experts to share some interesting and unique storage solutions for its readers :

Concealed Changing Table

A space saving fold-down changing table disappearing into the wall with storage nooks can be used to keep diapers, wipes and other baby items.


Drawers can be built under each step on the stairs which will reclaim some unused space that can be used as storage for everyday items.To give them an aesthetic touch every drawer can be named to find things easily or have an exclusive drawer for each family member.

Room for Two

A roll along bed for adults and a bunk bed for kids assure a comfortable place for overnight guests. An attached storage cubicle can make place for belongings.

Enhanced storage in the kitchen

Storage space in the kitchen can be augmented by adding shelves under one side of the kitchen island. Wooden baskets can be used to store vegetables and grocery.

Under Sink Pull Out

Try adding hinges and a convenient tray to the false drawer for an extra place to hide cleaning essentials.

Kitchen Door planner

A chalkboard panel mounted on the inside of the pantry door makes it easy to keep track of grocery needs and daily schedules. Attaching a piece of chalk with a pretty ribbon ensures that you won’t have to go digging through drawers when you need to write something down.

Space under the stairs

This space can be converted into a home for your loved pet or a cozy reading corner to hang out. A closet under the stairway, equipped with a storage bench and a pull-out bin, is a convenient place to stash shoes or things that are not used often.

Ironing table closet

A corner cabinet can be converted into an ironing table and drawers or cupboards underneath can be used to keep clothes to be ironed as well as after ironing.

Hidden Pegboards

A pegboard-style set of columns on either side of the sink can look decorative and stylish as well as be useful as a practical storage.

Magnetic strips

A magnetic strip from any upmarket departmental store can hold up your collection of knives.

See through Basket

Store your grocery in see-through, pull-out baskets to know what you have and what you need.

Foldable Wardrobe

Ready in less than a minute. The Heavy Duty Folding wardrobe is a classic space saving solution and a versatile addition.

See, after all, storage solutions are not rocket science and any person with a little innovation and creativity can transform any nook and corner of a house for functional storage space. Get your life in line and keep your home well organized by using the above tips.

By Aditi Panda

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