Sweet Seduction



By Upagupt Mohanty

All you need is love, but a liitle chocolate now & then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles M Schulz. When Februar y month is here,Valentine day is near. Undeniably, there is love in the air… Im reminded of the TVC of Amul Chocolate with the tag line ‘A Gift For Someone You Love’. Valentine’s day gives us a taste of celebration of relationship. Now, let’s rewind a bit and take it back to where it all started. It was Cadbury that connected Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped boxes loaded with chocolates, nestled in lace dollies. The origin can be traced down to Richard Cadbury (scion of a British chocolate manufacturing family) who launched heavily decorated lid-fancy boxes of chocolates during the Victorian period in 1861, tapping the Victorian taste for ornamentation. Around 1868, he designed heart shaped fancy boxes. What keeps the people in the smart city addicted to?…Its the sweetness of handmade chocolates by the successful brand ‘The Chocolate House’. Japkirat Oberoi – chocolatier and proprietor of The Chocolate House chatted with team Coffee Bytes on handmade chocolate and its undeniable relationship with Valentine’s Day .

Why is chocolate associated with Valentine’s day?

Chocolates have always been a medium to express love, it actually symbolises affection and deep love. People usually gift chocolates to strengthen their bonds.The Valentine’s day is celebrated for love and people dedicate this to their loved ones or beloved.

How is the response of customers on Valentine’s Day?

Its incredible!! Inspite of their busy schedules people tend to take out time on this day to express their love.Those who have come here have always left with a smiling face spreading their love. We have seen many people expressing love, proposing to each other, some fighting over their past issues and then promising to bond stronger in future.

Any interesting episode at The Chocolate House on Valentine’s Day?

The Chocolate House has always been a favourite hangout for people in love. The most interesting episode was; Last year when 2 different groups had come a boy and a girl from their groups fell in love and yes it was love at first sight.The couple whenever they turn up they always thank the place as they met here for the first time. Such memorable incidents make us happy and the smile on their faces comes as a reward to us.

What variety of chocolates do you make?

A lot of varieties you can find, we have experimented with the dark chocolates. You can find plain dark chocolates as well as flavours ranging from strawberry, pineapple, lemon and many more. Moreover, the variety of chocolate depends on the occasions as we have couple, roses, rings and heart designed chocolates for valentine’s day.

What are the health benefits of handmade chocolate?

We make handmade dark chocolates that have a lot of health benefits. The chocolate’s main ingredient is cocoa and the larger the content of cocoa in your chocolate the better is the chocolate for you.

Dark chocolate is actually good for one’s skin

    • Reduces the risk of stroke
    • Lessens your risk of chronic degenerative disease like diabetes
  • Sharpens one’s brain and keeps you smart
  • Stress reliever and boosts one’s mood
  • Aids in weight loss too, if eaten in right amount and that too every day.
  • Reduces blood pressure


Cocoa powder – 2cups

  • Cocoa butter – 3 / 4 cup
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Milk – 2/3 cup
  • Sugar – 1 / 2 cup


  • Place the cocoa powder and softened the butter in a processor and mix until it becomes a paste. Take out the paste in a bowl.
  • Fill saucepan about 1/4 full with water and place the chocolate mix paste bowl on top of the saucepan. Bring the water to just simmering, over low heat, stirring frequently.
  • Regularly scrape the chocolate off the sides with a rubber spatula, so as to prevent scorching.
  • When the paste is hot (but not cooked), put it back in the processor and mix till smooth. Gradually add, milk and sugar to the paste by stirring . Mix well until the paste is smooth and creamy. Taste and adjust the sweetness with more sugar if necessary and salt as needed.
  • Pour the contents in mould or ice cube tray and place it in the fridge until the chocolates have set .
  • Now your chocolate is ready to be served to someone special for munching.


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