Delhi Food Walks In Odisha


Delhi Food Walks In Odisha

By Aditya Nag

Delhi Food Walks was in Odisha and my God did we have fun with them! Bell The Belly team caught up with Anubhav Sapra founder of Delhi Food Walks accompanied by Rahul(freelancer) who were recently in Odisha for the first time. Travelling through the state and trying out the various cuisines and culinary delicacies of Odisha in Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Berhampur, Puri and Nimapada.

As the Huffington Post for which he is a regular contributor puts it ‘Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie!’ He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about it. As Jordan Gindt, from Scottsdale Arizona(a Food Walk participant) put its “This guy is the Anthony Bourdain of Delhi. He doesn’t just TAKE you there, he brings you along with him on a journey deep into Delhi’s food history.’

Yes! he eats through a city and he writes about it too but sadly he hasn’t grown a Belly yet for which Bell the Belly team happily obliged and together we ate our way through Bhubaneswar on a breakfast trail and we did a round two in the evening for some really good sweets. Hell, yeah! it was fun. “India’s street food is where the real flavour lies. A country having this big a population which is always on the move, India eats on the street and that’s what I am going to find out while in Odisha. A first hand serving of Odisha best delicacies and that too on a budget,” Says Anubhav. We had only one question to ask to Anubhav because its his first time in Odisha.


So what is your take on Odia cuisine?

Food in India is really unique, you see everywhere you go eating habbits change and so does the cuisine. India is a milieu of regional cuisine. I like eating food at small shops and at street side vendors, I try to learn about how the shop was established, what ingredients they use and what is the story of the person who makes them.

Bell the Belly took him around town, so here is the definitive must try breakfast joints of Bhubaneswar as our man from the North Anubhav Sapra from Delhi Food Walks puts it.

1. Ram Mandir – for its amazing ‘puri dalma’ and no frills dahi bara
2. Rabi bhai- for his amazing hand fried baras and chenna poda admittedly the best in the city!
3. OUAT Square Siripur- Where we tried an East meets South combination with ghugni, aloodum, idly and chakuli all in a single dish.
4. Anna at CRP Square- For its really sumptuous upma
5. Chai Biscuit near Science Park- for its kulhad chai and biscuits just the perfect ambience for khatti.

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