By Aditya Nag

Have you ever had this eerie feeling of someone constantly watching you from the corner of the room…especially when you are alone??? Someone breathing right behind your ear (as if he/she was sitting close to you) when you are riding a bike on a deserted road??? Or may be more relatable, try watching movies like Conjuring, The Rite, Juon, 1920 or Darna Mana Hai, alone??? SCARY…RIGHT???

Such feelings and emotions or movies for that matter, are inspired from either the belief of the presence or occurrence of some paranormal activity. Some are direct take aways of true events either recorded on camera or witnessed in person by many. While the unexplained existence of paranormal entities (ghosts & spirits) has been there since time immemorial, what has emerged off late is the concept of delving into their mere presence or occurrence, p o p u l a r l y referred to as ‘Paranormal Investigation’. Seen as a full time profession in the western world, the concept has been fast catching up in India as well. On the occasion of International Paranormal Day (30th September) team Coffee Bytes caught up with this young and dynamic Paranormal Investigator from Odisha, Sarabjeet Mohanty (also referred to as the ‘Ghost Hunter’), who is passionate about seeking answers from the unquestionable. Here is an excerpt of our meeting with him.

Yes now I have a T.V. show which goes by the name “Maana Ki Namaana” and airs on Kalinga TV every Saturday. It has already completed over 30episodes.

Hi Sarbajeet ! Tell us about yourself and what you do?

Hi, I am a paranormal investigator by profession. I work for a government registered organization called Parapsychology & Investigation Research Society (P.A.I.R.S.).

What exactly does a paranormal investigator do?

Yes, you see, whenever there is some kind of u n e x p l a i n a b l e activity like for eg. Footsteps being heard on the roof, things being tossed around the house, foul smell coming from a room or a house, sudden drop in temperature etc, it insinuates the presence of some paranormal entity. That is when people get in touch with us and we try to seek the source/reason behind such occurrences by using our filed expertise and tools. We use many scientific tools such as electromagnetic field detectors, motion sensors, infra-red and night vision cameras during our investigation to validate whether it is a genuine paranormal case or just a case of paranoia.

What do you mean by ‘genuine cases’?

Well in most of the cases, post investigation of such reported inexplicable activity, we realized that the source of foul smell was either a dead animal or someone trying to pull a prank. Certain discoveries also indicate pure superstition. But yes, about 10% of the reported cases did lead us to the discovery of paranormal presence. Those 10% are referred as ‘genuine cases’.

Sarabjeet you are hardly 20 years old. So how did your interest in ghost hunting begin?

Well it all started when I was 14 or 15 years old. I always feared darkness. I would always deny going into dark, treading around lonely places. I was an absolute fraidycat (chuckles), but then slowly I realized that I had to overcome my fear and to overcome one’s fear one has to understand it. I have always believed that absence of fear is not possible…everyone is fearful…but what is a must have is to be able to conquer it and that is what I did. During this process, it also made me realize that ghosts, spirits or energies aren’t malicious or evil, but are rather misunderstood.

You spoke about P.A.I.R.S in the beginning and you are also sporting a T-Shirt with its emblem on it. Could you tell our readers more about P.A.I.R.S?

Parapsychology & Investigations Research Society or P.A.I.R.S . is registered with the Government of India. We do the primary as well as secondary research on parapsychology. We have 20 odd members spread all over the globe including Mumbai, Bangalore and Chicago to name a few. Our work under P.A.I.R.S is to help people to investigate these happenings and debunk the myths surrounding this field with the help of science and spirituality. We at P.A.I.R.S conduct workshops and seminars on parapsychology and spirituality as well as healing, by channelizing the energy of the universe.

I believe now you have a T.V. show as well? Have your crew members ever been threatened in some manner during the investigations?

Yes now I have a T.V. show which goes by the name “Maana Ki Namaana” and airs on Kalinga TV every Saturday. It has already completed over 30 shows.Interestingly it is one of the highest rated horror related show in the country in terms of viewership. There have been many a times when my team and crew members when my team and crew members when my team and crew members when my team and crew members have been threatened during the investigations either in the form of being scarred or being hustled. My crew’s safety is paramount always and I am always extra cautious about my camera team and other facilitators. We have strict do’s & don’t’s policy on location and I ensure that all of us abide by it.

What kind of equipments do you use? Are these scientific tools?

Yes we use highly calibrated scientific tools for such research and investigation. We use a wide array of camera equipped with night vision and infrared. Other tools include motion sensors and electromagnetic sensors to detect variation of residual energy. In addition to that we also use audio capturing equipment which enables us to capture ultrasonic and infrasonic noise along with laser grids which help in photographing ‘mass’ or ‘shadows’ during our investigations. The study of paranormal activity is an expensive field to pursue as some of these have to be imported from USA or Europe and the procurement could prove costly, logistically and monetarily.

We are viewed as a superstitious race and with regard to that, have you ever seen a conflict between your style of research and the traditional tantric method?

See, I am not against tantra or witch craft and neither am I against these babas or gurujis who claim that they can feel the presence of ghosts or that they can perform exorcism. Some of these men are actually gifted people who have the ability to channelize the energy of the universe to seek the source, or the truth. What pains me is that many take advantage of the naivity of the common folk and they end up fleecing a lot of money from them…and let’s not forget the emotional pain that the victim has to go through.

Are ghosts harmful? Popular belief says that ghosts have the ability to take lives.

No, never. Ghosts and spirits aren’t harmful at all. They are just like us. We have to understand that the world of spirits is populated and curious about everything, just as we are. They, from the other side find ways and means to communicate with us and sometimes these manifestations tend to scare people. Let’s say, I am standing on the parapet of my roof and I see a spectral anomaly I might just freak out and lose my footing, resulting in me falling from the roof. So it ain’t the ghost which did it, rather it was me who got startled and fell down.

Have you experienced anything which has made you feel like “it’s over… I am quitting this field”?

I have experienced a lot of things with regards to ghosts and manifestations. I have even interacted with spirits. But never have my experiences brought me any misfortune. As I said earlier, a calm mind, strong will coupled with meditation & belief has always led me to salvation. Ghost hunting gives me a rush. The understanding of the spirit world allows me to explore the limits of my own strength. Many a times I feel that the spirit world is grossly misunderstood and I am certainly humbled by their omnipresence.

Can you tell us, which places in Odisha are the most paranormally active?

Hey, if I tell you, then many people would start going around these places and in the process get hurt. Please remember, these are resting grounds for such energies and they should be left alone. But yes, Bhadrak is number one on the list of paranormal activity and another such location is the Daya river bed which is also highly active in terms of ghosts.

Are you a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. As in are you Clairvoyant?

I would rather say that I am Clairaudient- by means of meditation I can harness my inner strength and through which I am able to visualize things.

Do you think, one can make a career out of ghost hunting?

As of now I would suggest not to pursue parapsychology as a career option. Do it only when you are passionate enough. Even now, I am driven more by passion rather than the lure of money and fame. I make whatever through the T.V show or on ghost tours and convocations through our organization. I would suggest that you take it up only when they are passionate enough for the cause and are able to find like-minded people. So there you are dear readers. You know whom to call when you have a paranormal experience. Probably it’s just an innocent plea from the spirit world wanting to communicate with us. We at Coffee Bytes, recommend you to watch Sarab’s show on Kalinga T.V. and here are his social media handles where you can get in touch with him and his team. Lastly Team Coffee Bytes highly recommends the movie ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ and ‘The Grudge’. So, pump up your adrenalin levels and conquer your fear by watching them alone at night….Kyon ki darr ke aagey hi jeet hai….Have a lovely heebie jeebies experience.

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