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An abode in our country, ranges from palaces of erstwhile royalty, to petite huts in remote rural pockets, to contemporary apartment buildings in big cities. There has been remarkable growth in India’s housing sector as revenue has augmented and so has the thought process. With modernization and job transfers, the emergence of nuclear families, particularly in urban areas has been escalating in the last few years. With children settling abroad for better opportunities, the senior citizens are more than happy to shift to apartments instead of living in the isolation of their sprawling ancestral homes. Dwindling availability of dispute-free land, the hazards of building an individual house and the paucity of time act as major motivators to invest in tailor-made flats with all the modern amenities and security features, which is a major drawback of individual homes.

Today, in most families, both spouses are out of their homes for work, but they are very apprehensive about the safety and security of their old parents or kids, back home. Staying in closed knit flats is the ideal solution, since it not just provides collective security but also allows, both the young and the old to have their peer groups, where they can spend some quality time with their contemporaries. In cities, residents of any apartment complex comprise of a diverse group of people ranging from students, bachelors, single women, nuclear families and old couples; in addition to the various languages that all of them may be speaking. Thus, the apartment community has become a source of social and emotional support for all the residents and temporarily replaces their families that are away.

Newly married couples away from home, get advice and help from the senior families staying next door. A single parent gets expedient neighbours to watch over their children when they are away for some work. Usually, apartment complexes are self-sufficient communities with their own departmental store, chemist shop, vegetable store etc. The best part of living in an apartment is that trivial day to day problems like electricity failure, plumbing issues, bill payments etc. are taken care by the service providers of the society, thus providing peace of mind to the residents.

These days developing cities present a plethora of high rise apartment complexes which cater to every pocket. Majority of these apartments include fundamental services like optimal use of space, modular kitchens, parking facilities, community halls and add-on facilities in recent projects like gyms, super markets, powerbackup, ATMs, swimming pools etc. In addition to the above, safety and security of the residents is factored into the scheme of things, from a blue print stage of the township. Unlike the stand alone houses, one is not paranoid about going out of town for a few days, thanks to the modern security gadgets and systems which work 24×7 !

Today most families have more than one 4-wheeler which means there is a need for more and more parking spaces. Apartments give you the option to buy/hire multiple parking spaces as per requirement. Another important factor, is that of finding domestic help.

In the current scenario, since the demand for domestic help outweighs the availability, it is a major pain point, especially for the homemaker. Again, it is more difficult to find a suitable domestic help for an individual house in comparison to an apartment, where the demand is in clusters and thus more lucrative and convenient for the domestic help. Amidst all the other benefits of staying in an apartment, celebrating festivals and functions together with your family away from home are the high points of a contented social life. Urban living is full of stress and busy schedules. The concept of well furnished high rise apartments is growing very fast. Home is where you want to come back every night to your family, your space and that’s what apartment living is all about. To highlight the pros of living in the modern high rise apartments we spoke to Mr. Sadhak Mishra, Managing Director, SJ Developers.

This is what he had to say, “designing a project is the foremost step to make it successful as the design has to cater to every proposed individual who would be residing in our flats. As developers we have to ensure that our senior citizens should look forward to their evenings together with their counter parts in the premises, while also having something interesting for children who too lead a stressful life the moment they start school. A homemaker has different perceptions of an ideal home when compared to a newly married couple who may be more particular about the privacy of their love-nest. So the onus lies on the developer to satisfy every probable customer and add a special touch to make every person desire to dwell in our creations. Every flat is different from the inside, but aesthetically sound infrastructure and well maintained common areas create an atmosphere which is therapeutic for the mind. The daily service providers like milkman, dhobi, courier people, drivers spread the word about every project. The developer will be known 50% for a good project and another 50% for the way any project has been maintained.

We furnish every flat with the wiring and dripping pipeline along with the necessary fittings and fixtures to install an Air Conditioner. Installing an AC becomes as easy as hanging a portrait for our customer and that adds brownie points to us as a brand. Today developing a property is like an event management company with huge scope for learning and improvement. The value of property is increasing everyday with a huge s c o p e o f growth. You can develop a brand but your brand sells after your customers start talking about the good work you have done and this keeps you in competition. Job satisfaction is a bonus that comes along with it. To satisfy our customers, we are thinking of building two exclusive pet friendly towers with all the necessary features in our next project.”

In order to strengthen relations with his customers, Mr. Sadhak Mishra has recently shifted base from an independent house to an apartment in their own project ‘Royal Lagoon’, Chandrashekharpur, which is one of the trendiest properties available in town available in the smart city and was built in collaboration with ‘Aashiyana Homes’, Delhi.

Royal lagoon is a beautiful modern apartment complex that boasts of the recent developments in construction sector. Every kitchen opens into the landscape cutting the drudgery for the homemaker. The concept of Vaastu is incorporated in the main plan, but not very intricately. The basic dos and don’ts are followed. For example the toilets are not in the north east direction and the balconies are planned on the east, north and south to reduce the heat of every tower. There is a garbage chute for every tower and the residual matter is used as a recomposed pit for making fertilisers to be later used to maintain the garden. The Solar energy is used for heating the geyser water. The complex has a spacious underground parking with one and a half parking space allocated to every flat. There are about 50 plus seating spaces for the residents keeping the senior citizens in mind. Dual plumbing is another commendable feature and recycled water is used in toilets. A 24 hour vigilant paramedical staff, ambulance and ‘doctor on call’ are available in the complex.

The apartment fulfils all accessibility measures and has a full fire protection system installed. A new facility of renting AC Rooms at reasonable rates is available for residents to house their guests within the complex. Looking skywards in search of that quintessential dwelling seems to be the order of the day…why not!!

By Aditi Panda

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