Tips to Rain-proof Your Home This Monsoon


The arrival of rains gives you respite from the scorching summer and one enjoys the smell of petrichor, piping hot ginger tea with delicious pakodas, children sailing tiny paper boats in small puddles of water, hot corn kernels with a dash of salt and lime juice and romantic songs in the background. Every good thing that comes is accompanied by trouble.  So when you see clouds gathering and heavy downpour lashing the ground, you dread the hassles that tag along with the monsoon rains, like rain water seeping through the walls, leaking roofs, moisture in the cupboards and a musty odd odour in the home. But don’t worry because here are a few simple tips to get rid of the rain dampness this monsoon and enjoy the season-

Home-made Fresheners

Pep up your rooms by using natural air fresheners using fundamental oils like Lemon grass, apple cinnamon or lavender in the vaporisers. Combine vinegar with baking soda and use it as a powerful freshener for drains. Refresh congested closet with freshly ground coffee by keeping a little coffee in an open container in the corner of the closet, the musty smell will vanish in a jiffy. The market is flooded with a variety of incense sticks and the favourites are home fragrances like melon musk and  orange blossom. Another good choice is Ambi pur, which has many traditional room fresheners.

Avoid painting wet walls

One mistake you often make is to paint the water damaged spots on the wall assuming that it will take care of the problem. Usually dampness is caused at the base of the walls by chronic condensation problems. Normally some chemicals are mixed in the cement while constructing the house or also in the paints to take care of this. But even if the problem persists then consult the experts to assess the exact fault before treating it. You can choose good companies like Pidilite, Fosroc, Roff and Laticrete.

Furniture Arrangement

Make sure that the wardrobes and cupboards are kept at a distance of few inches from the walls as they get wet. Keep some naphthalene or camphor balls in your wardrobe to keep the moisture away. Keeping a few Neem leaves in cupboards will take care of the common silver fish problem during the rainy season. Using Cloves is also a very effective remedy.

Appropriate Ventilation

Simple routine like cooking or using shower while bathing increases the condensation which raises the wetness in the walls. To solve this problem install double–paned windows with two layers of glass to improve insulation. This will decrease the loss of heat and help with the dampness as well. You can also fit double glazing and persist on trickle vents which help the damp air a chance to escape keeping the house dry.

Care for your wood

As a rule, wooden doors get jammed in the rainy season. Apply weather proof paint, polish or wax on your doors, windows and on also wooden floorings as the moisture content in hardwood flooring bends them.

Damp Proof Course

Dampness in a house is caused as the  rain water seeps into the walls or roofs, moisture is absorbed from the ground, condensation  or a combination of all three reasons. Make sure you find out the real root of dampness before you repair it, or else you could end up using the wrong therapy. Put a proper Damp Proof Course together with a permanent layer of damp proofing material by removing a line of bricks close to ground level followed by insertion of plastic sheet along the same line of bricks by replacing the old mortar with waterproof mortar to stop moisture wetting the walls.

More Tips:

  • Keep your metal or nylon web chairs indoors to avoid them from cracking.
  • Roll and store away your expensive carpets during this season. If the material is delicate then make sure that you add some silicon bags while rolling them to keep them moisture free.
  • Humidity and clamminess are a perfect breeding ground for termites in the furniture and so it is important to pre-treat the furniture with an anti termite solutions such as Terminator.
  • Make sure that you use a soft and dry cloth to clean your sofas or chairs as moisture makes sofas damp. If you see any fungal growth on sofas, douse a soft cloth into a mixture of liquid antiseptic and tepid water to rub the infected area with it.
  • Check that your precious books are stored in a dry place or better still shift the cupboards to a dry place. See that the rays of the sun fall on them to stop your precious books from getting damaged in the monsoons.
  • So now with so many easy tips to help you, get rid of the stale smell from your homes to make it dry and warm this monsoon.

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