Work Shrine


Choose the spot : If you are lucky to have an option, remember that location of  your workspace is very important. You needn’t be in a tight spot! Choose a space near a window to let in light. Be in a  place that is bright and airy. If you do not have the luxury of a view, create your own by clever use of wall paper or artificial greenery. (we will talk about it later). Do you have an assistant? Or do clients come over? Make sure you have enough seating.

Also consider traffic and movement of family members or pets. You don’t want distractions while working! Right?

Form follows function : This is a mantra followed by all space design experts. Think carefully about your workflow, and  your requirement of computer, scanner, printer, books, paper, sketch pads,  and markers.

You may be a diet consultant who needs her weighing scale, or a counsellor who needs he/his client to relax and spend long time. Think carefully about the furniture. It should not only serve your purpose, but also follow the theme of rest of your house. If your home has a Victorian feel, you can carry the same look to your office. If you have a contemporary vibe through your home, a sleek look will complement the style. So your desk, storage, wiring and set up should not only compliment your home decor, but also serve your purpose.

Invest in good furniture : You absolutely deserve it. An ergonomic chair, the perfect desk, an accent piece or two will  make you look forward to spending time here. Add that quirky cushion! Why not!

Colour it up : Go for your favourite colours and prints…Experiment!

Bold and beautiful? Or calm and collected? Funky? Or  cool? Get your most inspiring look. Use wallpapers. Who said an office space needs only stripes?

Go floral or ombré. Co-ordinate those curtains or Roman blinds. Add colour with a floral arrangement or your favourite plant. A great idea is to use turf grass and artificial plants creatively to create a garden feel.

Accessorise : This is the fun part! A plant, your family photos, waste paper basket, the tray and coffee mugs, even your pencil holder, paper cutter, the clock, graffiti  or inspirational quotes! Have a blast choosing them.

Vast designs are available. Go ahead and express yourself!

Organise,Organise and  Organise : You know exactly the cost per square foot of your home. Be very very exacting to organise your papers. Sort out your stuff, get rid of clutter, colour code your files, make your data retrievable. Go vertical to save space . Organise the wires and cables so they don’t look messy. Buy good quality cable managers or go creative and wrap your cables in felt and tie up with ribbons. Use separators inside drawers to make items easily accessible. You can buy  all your ‘office assist’ items online.

Light it bright : Plenty of ambient light, a task light like a table lamp, accent light for the contemplative mood… All of this will help you create that magical workplace.

Music. Bring it on : Your favourite music in the background  will  put life into the ambience. Soft music, your favourite decor, aroma of coffee, and perfect furniture.

By Revati Pany

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